Why We’re Obsessed With: The Dailey Method

Why We're Obsessed With: The Dailey Method

A new workout fad comes along every time you turn your head. And quite frankly, most of them we’ll pass on.  Swivel boards?  Just say no! But, when an Insta friend invited us to try the Dailey Method, our curiosity got the better of us. Dailey Method describes their approach as “Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training”

Barre has always been a bit intimidating, but Dailey Method also offers a Dailey Cycle class that combines cycle and floor work. We spin on the regular, so that seemed like the easy way to ease into the barre scene. Easy it was not, but hooked we are!


5 Reasons Why We are Obsessed With The Dailey Method


First of all, the studio is located on U Street not even one block from the U Street Metro station.

Second, the studio looks like the apartment of our dreams. Think tall ceilings, white space, tons of natural light and gleaming white subway tiles.

Third, our instructor was THE. BEST. Everyone who has taken a spin class knows how important the playlist is. Well, Crysten’s choice in music did not disappoint and she worked us into a sweaty frenzy. She also was full of the right kind of encouragement. It’s like she could read my mind and anytime I was even thinking of slowing down or backing off, she knew exactly what to say to keep me going.

Then we moved to the floor and into some uncharted territory for us. What I can say truly made Crysten such an awesome instructor is that she was continuously in motion around all of the class attendees. She would demonstrate the positions and movements multiple times as she weaved through the students. So it wasn’t just taking us through a routine, it was more like she was really teaching us the correct movements. We truly appreciated not spending half the class thinking, “Are we doing this right?”

Fourth, we were sore before we even left the studio….a great sign of a stellar workout! It was incredible how small seemingly insignificant movements or holds could send my body into a shake fest! It really hurt…but in the best way possible! We are big fans of efficiency and this class seemed to engage every fiber in our bodies.

Fifth, the owners are seriously the nicest people! They are hands on – teaching classes or just physically present in the studio! I love giving my business to companies with a great purpose and to owners who really care.


A bonus sixth reason – they have an exercise clothing boutique in their studio and I basically want one of everything!



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