Our Favorite Playlists For Mindfulness & Focus

Spotify Playlists For Mindfulness & Focus
Making our way from winter into spring, we find it important to take the time to re-focus and re-visit our goals and intentions for the new year.  We’ve shared some of our favorite mantras and meditations but we’re also big on the power and influence of music and soundscapes on our well-being.  Whether you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day, get the morning started or become hyper-focused at work, these are our top picks for Spotify playlists for mindfulness and focus.


Brain Food Playlist

“Feed your brain with hypnotic electronic”

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

“Warm latte, soft comfy chair, and some nice mellow tunes…perfection”

Evening Chill

“Elevate your evening and unwind with the lush sounds of these chill tracks…”

Classic Acoustic

“Kick back with a chill collection of iconic acoustics and new tracks with that classic feel”

The Piano Bar

“Study, work, or just relax to some of the best jazz piano of today and yesterday”


Deep Focus

“Keep calm and focus.  This playlist has some great atmospheric rock to help you relax and concentrate”

Peaceful Piano

“Relax and indulge with some profoundly beautiful piano pieces”

Intense Studying

“Music to help you concentrate and stay focused during your most intense studying sessions”

Six String Peacefulness

“Unwind to these calm acoustic guitar pieces”

White Noise

“Welcome to the soothing hum of 2+ hours of continuous white, pink, red, and blue noise soundscapes”



“Fall into a deep, relaxing sleep with these soothing sounds.  Sweet dreams”


“There’s nothing quite like the sound of thunder in the distance…”

Ocean Escapes

“Close your eyes and escape with the rhythmic falls and pulls of the waves”

Lucid Dreamer

“Close your eyes, open your mind, and enjoy your dreams”

Musical Therapy

“When everything gets a bit overwhelming, soothe your mind with this relieving playlist”  

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