Currently Obsessing Over: TouchRetouch App For Photo Editing

TouchRetouch App For Photo Editing

Have you ever had an almost perfect photo….you know the one that would set your Insta profile on fire…except for that random stranger that walks into your shot?   Or the powerline or garbage can that you just can’t move or shoot around?

Never fear, we have the perfect app for you! TouchRetouch, a photo editing app, allows you to remove unwanted objects from your photos quickly.We have a few criteria before we recommend an app:

First, it has to be incredibly easy to use. With TouchRetouch the photo editing process takes less than two minutes, start-to-finish. Once you learn the few tools, it can take less than 30 seconds.

Second, it cannot be ridiculously priced. TouchRetouch is only $1.99 and is worth every penny times ten for how often it can rescue the almost perfect photo from the trash can.

Third, the app has to be simple. One of my favorite features of TouchRetouch is that the app doesn’t overload you with a bunch of extra filters or editing tools you’ll never use. Its beauty is in its simplicity. By keeping the app clutter free of useless tools, you can upload your photo, remove the lines or objects and get back to posting.   One feature it does have that we LOVE is the Before/After toggle, so you can make sure your edit is upping the quality. TouchRetouch was also thoughtful enough to include a couple of great tutorials.

While you may not need this app every day, it’s one to have in your back pocket…or wherever you keep your phone 😉

Check out this recent photo transformation:


TouchRetouch Photo Editing App



TouchRetouch Photo Editing App



TouchRetouch Photo Editing App

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