Prepping Your Apartment for the Holiday Season


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Prepping Your Apartment for This Holiday Season

The holidays are finally upon us! While this year may look a bit different than most, it’s a perfect excuse to turn your apartment into your holiday homestead by clearing the clutter and bringing in the right decorations. 


If you can’t spend time with your family this holiday season, you can still get your home ready for the holidays and feel more cheerful with a few simple tips. 

Focus On the Main Areas

You don’t need to clean or decorate every area of your apartment for it to feel festive. Instead, focus on the areas where you frequently reside and put more of your attention there. One of the best ways to get started (and to feel better!) is to focus on cleaning everything up. Decluttering can help to reduce stress levels, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the season, it can be very beneficial. 


Now, more than ever, a clean space is important. You can choose to make homemade cleaners with natural ingredients. If you’re living in a small apartment, especially with kids or pets, you can feel good about that. Or, use commercially-made cleaners with the following safety tips: 


  • Wear protective gloves when spraying
  • Avoid mixing products
  • Only use the product(s) as directed
  • Work in a room with proper ventilation


Once your apartment is clean, you can focus on bringing the holidays to life! Pull out your favorite decorations, listen to classic songs that bring back memories, and fill your home with warm, comforting scents. The holidays are about traditions for many people, so do what you can to capture those traditions in your apartment.

Keep Your Place Safe

If you do plan on going home for the holidays, or even if you just need to get away for a while, you can also prep your apartment for the occasion by making sure it stays safe while you’re gone


First, be sure to tell your landlord that you’re going away. Some lease agreements require this, but even if yours doesn’t, it’s a courteous thing to do. Plus, it’s likely your landlord will keep a closer eye on your place while you’re away. 


If you’re worried about your apartment sitting vacant, hire a house sitter who can do everything from keeping it clean to watering your plants. Some people just feel better knowing their place is being “lived in” and taken care of even if they aren’t there. But, if no one is going to be staying in your apartment, be discreet about your plans to go on a trip. Keep your windows closed and covered, and you may want to invest in something like lights with a timer to go on at least once a day. If a would-be intruder thinks someone is in the apartment, they’re less likely to be interested. 


The holidays should be a time to feel comfort, peace, and safety. No matter what your holiday season looks like this year, keeping your apartment secure and fully “decked” can bring those feelings out and allow you to embrace the season.


Ainsley Lawrence

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