5 Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment

5 Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment

We’re nearing the end of January (if you can believe it) – how are those resolutions holding up?  To help keep you (and ourselves) on track, we’ve rounded up a few workouts you can do right in the comfort of your own apartment, no equipment required, and absolutely no excuses for not getting it done!  Here’s what we’re doing to keep our fitness goals on track:


Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment | The 7-Minute "Killer But Quiet" Workout From Greatist


This “killer but quiet” workout is for all of you thoughtful neighbors out there. But don’t let the absence of jumping jacks fool you! This workout will have you pulse racing and muscles burning.


Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment | 4 Fat-Burning Apartment Workouts


Men’s Fitness brings four workouts that are high intensity and some exercises require at least a dumbbell, but all can be done in 40 minutes and in less space than the coffee table and couch take up.


Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment | Effective Small-Space Exercises


Women’s Health brings the heat with this workout that works all the large muscles and you can do each move without making a peep!…okay maybe a groan or two!


Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment | No-Equipment Apartment Workouts


Life in Leggings brings us a totally different no noise, no equipment, bodyweight workout. All of the exercises in the routine are depicted in photographs so you get the form right…which is good because I hadn’t heard of half these moves before reading her blog. Warning…this workout does involve pushups. We hate pushups.


Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment | 13 Creative Ways To Get A Cardio Workout In Your Bedroom


While we were a little concerned when we saw a link to this Cosmo post titled “13 creative ways to get a cardio workout in your bedroom”, we were relieved when it actually was an excellent workout regime. We would recommend skipping a few of the exercises that require jumping if you have downstairs neighbors. Besides that, game on!



Disclaimer: Although we believe most of the above posts are written by certified personal trainers, we are not personal trainers. The workouts suggested in this post are what we believe work best for the apartment environment, but might not be the right type of exercises for *you.* Always consult a doctor or health professional before making changes to your diet and/or fitness routine!!


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