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5 Ways to Make Your House Smell Heavenly


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5 Ways to Make Your House Smell Heavenly


Smells (good & bad) are one of the first things other people notice as they enter your home.


Pet odors and unsavory smells in your home put a bad impression on your guests. Thus, in addition to cleaning your living space, you must check the smelly areas regularly.


But, how can you do that? What are the secrets to make your home smell great?


Read on for more information. Here are 5 secret tips that will definitely make your home feel fragrant.


Air it Out

It’s a fact. We have been taught to keep the windows and doors open to let clean, fresh air come in. Other benefits of doing so are-


  • Eliminating domestic pollutants
  • Increasing the level of oxygen in the house
  • Increasing heating efficiency
  • Reducing tobacco pollution


Now, you might be thinking—the outdoor air contains more pollutants than the indoor air. So, what’s the best time to open windows and doors?


Outdoor air is less polluted after 9pm or before 10am. So, make sure you ventilate your home perfectly during these times. It’s good to turn on ceiling fans or use desk fans to get fresh air in.


Clean Garbage Disposal


Sometimes the garbage disposal smells so awful that it’s difficult to stand in the kitchen for a moment. In such a case, you should check the sink. Put lemon-scented dish soap in it and turn the water tap on.


To eliminate the bad smell, there are some other methods. One of the oldest plumbing tricks is to use baking soda and vinegar. Pour half-cup baking soda in the drain, then add vinegar. Mix them completely for 10-15 minutes. Now, run the tap water for at least 40 seconds and done.

Fabric Spray


We are familiar with those objects in which we spend hours sitting. But, they start smelling if not cleaned. Our moms are expert in eliminating bad smells by spraying chemical deodorizers.


If you aren’t living with your family, you can use some other techniques to make your living space smell great. You can make your own fabric refresher spray. Here’s what you require-


  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ teaspoon of vegetable glycerin
  • ½ teaspoon of essential oil


Mix all the ingredients and put them into a bottle. Your natural fabric spray is ready. Shake it and spray it. 


Additionally, you can put baking soda on the fabric items for eliminating the odor.


Wax Melts


Scented candles are popular for creating ambiance and atmosphere in the home. They’re effective for eliminating unpleasant smells and filling the homes with a delightful fragrance.


They contain essential oils and high-quality fragrances, which are good for pet families. Be strategic when placing the candles in the home for maximum efficiency. 


Air Purifying Plants


There’re many air purifying plants, which are helpful in spreading sweet smells while removing the nasty ones. For example,


  • Jasmine provides a sweet aroma, which calms you.
  • Sharry Baby Orchid smells like chocolate.
  • Lavender makes you feel sleepy
  • Mother-in-law Tongue converts carbon monoxide into oxygen.
  • Rosemary improves focus.


So, if you’re worried about how to clean cigarette smells from your home, use the natural method i.e. air purifying plants.

In conclusion—the home smell is something, which you can’t ignore. If your crib smells good, it will put a welcoming impression on the guests. Make sure to carefully clean the smelly areas of your home regularly.


Open all the windows and doors for at least 2-3 hours in the morning and evening to let the fresh air come in and eliminate the bad air. Other methods to make your living space smell great are—air-purifying plants, wax melts, and fabric spray. If you are unable to get rid of nasty odors, seek professional help.


How do you make your home smell fabulous? Which method you like the most? Share with us in the comment section below.



Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts


Sean Roberts is a blogger at Zuma’s Cleaning which is known for providing #1 Cleaning Services in NYC. He began writing when he was still in college. He has written on Business, Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Marketing. And he is always on a lookout for something new

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