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Stressed out? Frustrated? Depressed? Check out these New Year Resolutions For A Happier You!

I had been feeling quite low over the last few days – life was getting truly dull, I was over-worked, and I didn’t have any company for Christmas Eve this year (most of my friends live out of the state). I had two options in front of me, though – mope around all day at home and get even more depressed, or go out and enjoy Christmas by myself.
I opted for the second one – and decided that it was high time I added some spice and spunk to my life. So I ventured out, took in all the sights, enjoyed hot chocolate at a small cafe and went to Mass alone. That was when, like an epiphany, I found the answer to my boredom – I needed to reinvent myself. And, what better way to do that than on New Year?

I immediately got myself a notebook and began scribbling down my New Year resolutions for 2019 – to welcome back positivity, happiness, and love into my life. Now, I’m ready to share them with the world.

Here’s to raising a toast to self-indulgence this year.

• Relax and take life one day at a time

With the dawn of the New Year will come a new load of responsibilities enough to overwhelm you. The trick is to stop multi-tasking and focus on one project at a time and do it well. Also, work on what you want to do, as well – writing a new book, hanging out with friends or meeting that cute guy you met at work.

• Reconnect with your family and friends – and not once in a year

Thanks to our busy lives, we miss out on family and friend connections for months together. So don’t keep putting off all those meetings. Instead, plan to meet once a month and welcome back the intimacy into your relationships – your heart will thank you for it.

• A healthy-n’-happy you every day keeps the doctor away

If you’re trying to get healthy, it’s essential that you take a look at your diet and exercise regime. Plan a workout regime at least two or three times a week, and aim to walk a thousand steps more every day. Try sprinting, cardio exercises, arm, and leg workouts and weight loss as part of your regime.

As for mealtimes, have a plant-based meal at least once a day (for extra fiber and digestion!). Prepare healthy meals for the week ahead such as grilled marinated chicken, hard-boiled eggs and slow-cooker vegetable soups. Replace alcohol and processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetable, and nuts – and watch your energy levels soar. Also, ditch your phone and get some quality beauty sleep.

• Break out of your comfort zone

What’s the best time to start learning a new skill or hobby? Right now. Write a new book, learn a musical instrument, cook a new dish, start an original painting, compose a new piece of music or even get coding – anything! Move out of your comfort zone one day at a time – visit the new coffee shop down the road, make new connections at work, read/write a book from a different genre or choose a new exercise at the gym. By the time the year ends, you’ll have a unique talent to show your friends at the next New Year’s Eve party!

• Pay your debts and keep your finances in check

You don’t need to spend to enjoy yourself. You can visit ‘free’ hangout spots such as parks, picnic gardens, local museums or art exhibitions. Use cash or your debit card instead of cashless wallets and credit cards, which can impact your finances in ways you could never imagine. Point number three? Keep saving to clear your college debts – that’s important.

• Believe in yourself, create your own and stop comparing

In the world of close connections and social media, it’s not difficult to know what someone’s been up to. Live in the moment and keep your mind off someone’s ‘picture perfect’ life on Facebook, which might not be perfect after all. Instead, work on improving your own life and turn off notifications to be more present in your life. Even better, remove those social media apps from your home screen so that you’re not tempted to check them all the time.

• Declutter your life

One of the most critical points in the entire list – declutter your life! For example, invest in a thorough spring-cleaning of your house, and donate utensils, clothes, and makeup that you haven’t worn or used in a while. Remove toxic people from your life, and make more space for valuable relationships in your professional and personal life.

Results: A fit, mentally fresh, connected and a much happier ‘you.’
So, are you willing to give it a try this year?


Emily Connor

Emily Connor

Content Contributor

I am Emily Connor, 26-year-old psychology student, and a content contributor at Dissertation Writing Services and my interests range from productivity, inspiration to reading anything motivational over the internet. I love dogs over cats and music over talking.

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