Rosé All Day: How To Celebrate National Rosé Day On June 10th

How To Celebrate National Rosé Day

Once a year, on the second Saturday of June, we’re given the official go-ahead to embrace our basic nature and celebrate the existence of rosé, all day.  That day is officially upon us, so we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to drink the unofficial wine of the summer season, on National Rosé Day and – let’s be honest – every day.  Cheers!

Rosé Gummy Bears

National Rosé Day | Rosé Gummy Bears

Rosé All Day Mug

National Rosé Day | Rosé All Day Mug

Slay All Day Then Rosé T-Shirt

National Rosé Day | Slay All Day Then Rosé T-Shirt

Frosé = Frozen Rosé

National Rosé Day | Frosé Recipe

Rosé & White Peach Sangria

National Rosé Day | Rosé & White Peach Sangria

Rosé Lemonade

National Rosé Day | Rosé Lemonade

Whaley’s Rosé Garden

National Rosé Day | Whaley's Rosé Garden In Washington, DC

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BONUS!  If you live in DC or are visiting, you MUST stop by this Capitol Riverfront gem.  Whaley’s, a seafood-centric neighborhood darling, recently opened up their answer to the beer gardens dotted across the city: an unapologetically pink (and white) Rosé Garden.  They serve 10+ varieties of rosé, as well as select frozen cocktails and seasonal appetizers.

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