6 Creative Ways to Save Money

6 Creative Ways to Save Money 

Saving money can be tough this day in age. It seems as though everything out there costs an arm and a leg, especially in DC. Between the high cost of living and the never-ending stream of fun things to do and spend money on, it can be hard to get into the habit of saving. It is possible to enjoy your life and keep your finances in order, you just need to get creative and have fun with it! Commit to these 6 creative ways to save money, and we think you will be feeling more secure with your financial situation in no time. Our personal favorite tips? Automatic money transfers and meal planning and prepping. We hope these work just as well for you as they have for us.  

Automatic Transfers 

What do we mean by automatic transfers? Setup automatic direct transfers from your checking account to your savings account. We recommend doing this on payday, that way you never really feel like you are missing the money. It doesn’t have to be a large amount either – $25 every paycheck won’t have you feeling too low on cash, but it will add up in the long run, and you will appreciate it. Essentially, you are paying yourself, and you can’t beat that.


EveryDollar App

Budgeting isn’t easy, and we know this. Lucky for us, there are countless apps out there to make it easier on us. We are loving the EveryDollar app right now. When you initially register for the app, it guides you through creating your budget. You input your monthly income, your fixed monthly expenses, and you can add in other monthly expenses that may or may not be fixed. Once all of this is complete, EveryDollar helps you track your spending. You can even link your bank account to track more accurately. Talk about saving #goals. 


Meal Plan and Prep

This is one of our favorite tips because it not only helps save money, it also helps with health goals as well. By meal planning and prepping, you are fully prepared for the days/week ahead, and won’t find yourself stuck in a situation where you are eating out and spending more than you can afford. Having your meals pre-prepared allows for very few excuses to opt out of what you have planned for yourself. Eating out gets pricey, and it can also lead to unhealthy decisions. Kill two birds with one stone and meal plan and prep to eat at home. 


Take Advantage of Free Events 

The options are endless when it comes to free events here in DC, especially during the spring and summer months. Fitness classes, outdoor movies, and outdoor festivals are just a few of the things DC has to offer for free. The free events aren’t hard to track down, either – a simple Google search (or Apartminty search) will help you to discover all of the free things that the city has to offer on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Forget about the $75 concert ticket or the $30 workout class, it is all about the free events! Take the time to find them, and you won’t be disappointed.


Love Something? Wait 30 Days

You know what they say…if you love something, wait 30 days to buy it! Okay, we know that isn’t how the saying goes, but we are stand behind the statement. Impulse shopping can escalate quickly and easily, and before you know it you have a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need, and less money than you should. Waiting 30 days before making a purchase gives you time to really think it through – do I need this? What do I need it for? Will I get enough use out of it? We know that certain things you will need to buy right away, but for the more frivolous purchases, allow yourself some time to ensure it actually is something you’d like to spend your hard-earned money on.


Commit to Consignment

Are you looking to buy a few new pieces of clothing? Do you have a few things you’d like to get rid of? Consignment is your friend! There are countless apps and websites out there where you can both purchase and sell hardly worn clothing at a discounted price. Poshmark, ThredUP, and The Real Real are a few of our go-to consignment websites. They make both buying and selling easy, and you can find or sell items from nearly every brand out there. We know certain things are necessary to buy new, but, buying consignment allows you to get your shopping fix without breaking the bank.


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