The 15 Fall TV Premieres We’re Most Excited About

Fall TV Premieres


There’s no shortage of great shows on TV this fall.  From lighthearted sitcoms to suspenseful mysteries and gut-busting raunchy comedies, we’re pretty excited about cozying up on the couch with a glass of vino and some popcorn.  Here are the 15 fall TV premieres we’re most excited about:


The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling returns for a 6th and final season of her hilarious rom-com series, now streaming on Hulu.  There are lots of questions to be answered before the series ends, but we’re hoping to see a number of characters find their happily ever after.

Network: Hulu
Premiered: September 12th


Broad City

This laugh out loud, female-centric comedy starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and produced by Amy Poehler developed from a web series of the same name and is now in its 4th season.  If you haven’t already, you NEED to start watching but be warned: the language and themes are often crude – which is half the fun.

Network: Comedy Central
Premiered: September 13th


This Is Us

Every week we laugh, we cry, and we just can’t get enough of this heart wrenching and heart-warming series.  Now in its second season, we’re inching closer to discovering what happened to Jack, the Patriarch of the amazing family at the center of the storyline, and learning more about the entire family through a series of flashbacks and present-day scenes.

Network: NBC
Premiered: September 26th


The Mick

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia favorite Kaitlin Olson returns to star in and executive produce this gut-busting series about an irresponsible woman who is unwillingly thrust into the role of guardian for her estranged sister’s kids following an arrest for fraud and tax evasion.  We adore each character on this show, but the hilarious Carla Jimenez steals several scenes and has us doubled over laughing as the family’s housekeeper, Alba.

Network: Fox
Premiered: September 26th


The Goldbergs

Set in the 80’s and loosely based on the childhood of series creator and producer Adam F. Goldberg, we can’t get enough of this seriously silly series, now in its 5th season.  Between the throwbacks to our favorite 80’s trends and cultural references, the entertaining storylines, and the amazing Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey as the matriarch and patriarch, every episode guarantees a good, belly-aching laugh.

Network: ABC
Premiered: September 27th



In this quirky and touching comedy series, Minnie Driver plays mom to 3 kids, the oldest of whom has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak for himself.  The episodes follow the DiMeo family, as well as JJ’s speech aid (Cedric Yarbrough), as they navigate life’s everyday challenges.  We adore the eye-opening albeit often light-hearted glimpse into the world of life with a disability and applaud ABC and the show’s producers for bringing it into our living rooms.

Network: ABC
Premiered: September 27th


Modern Family

Everyone’s favorite blended family is now in its 9th season, and if you aren’t watching or have never seen an episode then you must REALLY be enjoying that rock you’ve been living under.  In the same vein as some of our other favorites like The Office and Parks & Recreation, Modern Family is filmed mockumentary style, making for some hilarious insights into the characters thoughts and commentary on the rest of the family’s shenanigans.

Network: ABC
Premiered: September 27th


Will & Grace

They’re BAAAAACCKK! We’ve been binge-watching episodes from the series, which ended in 2006 after 8 seasons, in preparation for the much-anticipated reboot.  A couple of episodes in, it truly feels like the oh-so-lovable group of characters never left our living rooms.  Will & Grace was one of the first and most successful shows to feature gay main characters and paved the way for many of our other favorites like Modern Family, True Blood, and Glee, and for that and so many other reasons, we’re so happy to welcome them back to our Thursday night lineup.

Network: NBC
Premiered: September 28th


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Speaking of reboots, following a 6-year hiatus, this award-winning series from comedy genius Larry David is back for a 9th season and we couldn’t be happier.  Larry’s knack for turning the mundane minutiae of everyday life into a hilarious and often cringe-worthy series of faux pas and failed social interactions has us wide-eyed and belly-aching every week.  The series portrays a fictionalized version of Larry’s real life, which makes for lots of delightful appearances from celebrities and Hollywood personalities also playing versions of themselves, with seriously funny (and often improvised) results.

Network: HBO
Premiered: October 1st


Fresh Off The Boat

We’re clearly fans of ABC’s comedy line-up, and Fresh Off The Boat is no exception.  Now in its 4th season, this sitcom follows the Huang family as they adjust to their move from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida.  As one of the first and only American TV series to star an Asian-American family, the themes featured in the series revolve around Matriarch Jessica struggling to fit in to a community with a nearly non-existent Asian-American population, Patriarch Louis embracing the American Dream by opening Cattleman’s Ranch, a Western steakhouse restaurant, and eldest son Eddy navigating assimilation into his new school and neighborhood.

Network: ABC
Premiered: October 3rd



Broadcasting immediately after Fresh Off The Boat is the award-winning series black-ish, a sitcom which follows advertising executive Andre and anesthesiologist Rainbow as they raise their 4 children in an upper-middle-class community. A common theme throughout the series highlights Andre’s concerns over his children losing touch with their ethnic identity and his attempts to encourage them to embrace and honor their history and the struggles of the elders that paved the way for them.  black-ish tackles serious themes and weaves in educational nuggets while delivering it all with a light touch and hefty dose of humor.

Network: ABC
Premiered: October 3rd



Our favorite badass boss lady, Olivia Pope, returns for a 7th and final season of “handling” all of the things.  As DC residents, we love getting caught up in the politically charged drama – and we’re suckers for the romantic storylines, too.  Even after 106 episodes, this series continues to bring the thrills and we can’t wait to see how they wrap the series up.

Network: ABC
Premiered: October 5th


Once Upon A Time

A true departure from most other shows on this list (and other shows on the air in general), this fantasy drama series follows characters from various well-known fairy tales as they navigate modern day in the real world.  After being robbed of their memories and transported from their respective lands to the town of Storybrooke, all of our favorite childhood heroes and villains go about trying to break the curse that affects them all.  After a “final battle” at the end of season 6, season 7 kicks off with quite the twist.

Network: ABC
Premiered: October 6th


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This relative newcomer is also quite different than anything on TV at the moment.  The plot focuses on a young, successful woman living in Manhattan when she bumps into her childhood ex-boyfriend/first crush, sending her into a spiral of questionable decisions which result in her moving across the country to West Covina, California to lightly stalk her Ex and pursuit her own happiness outside of hectic New York City.  Hence the title, crazy ex-girlfriend.  What makes this show so unique is the fact that the characters regularly break into song, cutting away to elaborate original musical productions, before snapping back to the current scene.  It sounds crazy, and it is, and that’s why we can’t get enough of this refreshingly different series.

Network: The CW
Premiered: October 13th


Stranger Things

We’re rounding out this list with another totally unique show, a suspense-filled Sci-fi series now heading into its hotly-anticipated 2nd season.  We can’t wait to see how all of our favorite characters are recovering from season 1’s encounters with the Upside Down and its haunting creatures.

Network: Netflix
Premiere Date: October 27th


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