What’s Cooking: Veggie Lover’s Menu

The holidays have become synonymous with indulgence and celebration.  While I’m all for treating yourself and getting caught up in the spirit of the season, I also try to take advantage of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to create some balance.  these warming and satisfying recipes are ideal for keeping things light without feeling deprived.  Enjoy!




Stuffed Mushrooms

What's Cooking: Veggie Lovers Menu | Vegan Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer

via Ceara’s Kitchen

These flavorful and slightly spicy bites are a perfectly meaty way to start your meal, and they’re pretty healthy to boot.  You can even prep these ahead of time and bake off when ready to serve.


5 Ingredient Pear Pomegranate Salsa

What's Cooking: Veggie Lover's Menu | 5 Ingredient Pear Pomegranate Salsa

via Gimme Some Oven

This one’s labeled as a salsa and goes great with chips, but can also be spooned over a bed of greens to make a perfect side salad to pair with dinner.  These light, bright flavors complement hearty winter fare well.


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Southwestern Stuffed Spagetti Squash

What's Cooking: Veggie Lover's Menu | Southwestern Stuffed Spagetti Squash

via Bev Cooks

I kick myself constantly for waiting so long to bring spaghetti squash into my kitchen.  It is so easy to prepare, has great flavor and texture and can be used as a serving dish; what more could you ask for?


Avocado Crème Brûlée

What's Cooking: Veggie Lover's Menu | Avocado Creme Brûlée

via Daily Dose of Greens

I know what you’re thinking.  If you haven’t ever thought of avocado as a dessert food, this can be a hard one to wrap your head around.  But think about it: avocado is creamy, rich and pretty neutral in flavor, making it the perfect addition to smoothies, vegan/paleo pudding and this dreamy dish.


If you’d like more veggie-centric dish inspiration, head over to my Pinterest board.

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