Presidents’ Day Dining In DC: DC Restaurants With Presidential Themes

Presidents' Day Dining In DC | DC Restaurants With Presidential Themes



If you’re in DC, there’s nothing like a day out at a presidential-inspired restaurant in DC on President’s Day. Life in DC gives you a unique opportunity to dine in the heart of America, and celebrate our historic leaders, all while getting a great meal.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 of the best DC restaurants that celebrate historic presidential figures and founding fathers from our past, and the heritage of Washington, DC. These fun, quirky restaurants are a perfect choice if you’re looking for some unique President’s Day dining in DC options.



Lincoln is, unsurprisingly, inspired by the 16th President of the United States. Featuring a flag-accented, rustic decor and a unique flooring accent made of pennies, Lincoln is a fantastic choice for President’s Day dining. This restaurant focuses on seasonal small plates with ingredients sourced locally, and menus rotating depending on availability of ingredients.

The restaurant also features a full bar by master mixologist John Hogan, featuring a bourbon-focused artisanal menu served in Mason jars and copper cups – a tribute to the long history of drinking in DC.



Teddy & The Bully Bar

This low-key bar and grill is themed from the life of Theodore Roosevelt and features quirky, turn-of-the-century light fixtures, decor that pays tribute to Mount Rushmore, and a modern menu featuring seasonally rotating food, locally sourced from farmers around DC.

Happy hour is always a favorite at Teddy & The Bully – especially on President’s Day. You’ll score discounted craft cocktails in a gorgeous bar atmosphere, and be able to celebrate President’s Day in style.



Plume at The Jefferson

The Jefferson Hotel is a 5-star hotel – and The Plume at Jefferson offers a truly exceptional dining experience. This Michelin-rated restaurant features a gorgeous atmosphere with chandeliers, white tablecloths, and beautiful Art Deco fixtures and furniture throughout.

The food is pricey but worth every penny. The menu is “Prix Fixe” – a fancy way of saying you’ll get your choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert from their fantastic, ever-changing menu.

Wine can be added for an additional flat fee, so if you’re looking for a gorgeous dining experience where price isn’t a concern, Plume at The Jefferson is the place to go on President’s Day.



The Hamilton

The Hamilton is a fantastic choice for President’s Day. This bar and restaurant also features a live music venue, with local and national acts performing just about every day. If you feel like dinner and a show, The Hamilton is where you should go.

The food is also delicious. Pizza and burgers, sushi and salads, and American South-inspired dishes like crab cakes and Jambalaya mean that diners of every stripe can find something to love at this unique restaurant, bar, and live music venue.



The Oval Room

The Oval Room is located incredibly close to the Oval Office and has in the past, hosted dignitaries such as Condoleezza Rice, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Dianne Feinstein, to name a few. This restaurant is quite close to The National Theater and features a specialized, prix fixe menu to theatergoers.

This upscale eatery features a tasteful, contemporary atmosphere, and a constantly-changing menu that varies depending on the season and availability of key ingredients. The food is fantastic, with appetizers like Salmon Belly Tartare, entrees such as shrimp & grits and a delicious Iberico pork loin, and an extensive dessert menu.

If you’re interested in dinner and a show on President’s day, head to The Oval Room for a pre-theater dinner, then go to The National to enjoy some of the local theater that DC is known for.



A DC Restaurant For Everyone

The only thing these restaurants have in common are their presidential themes. Beyond that, each one is as varied and diverse as can be – so check them out, pick your favorite, and enjoy a unique President’s Day experience that only life in DC can deliver.

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