The 5 Apps You Need When Moving To DC

5 Apps You Need When Moving To Washington, DC

Navigating a new city can feel intimidating, but with the help of these 5 apps we swear by, you’ll be comfortable calling Washington, DC home in no time.  Here are the apps you need to download ASAP.



If you’re a car owner and have a commute to deal with, Waze is the best way to help you get from A to B.  This free app sets itself apart from other navigation tools by allowing users to provide live updates for other drivers for things like traffic, speed traps, and potholes, and gas prices.  This means you get real-time updates about what’s up ahead on your route and can get where you’re going with less unpleasant surprises along the way (or at least being able to anticipate them).




Navigate all of your public transportation options using this clear and uncomplicated app.  On Transit, you’ll find real-time, accurate information on nearby Metro train and bus lines and their schedules as well as locate nearby car and bike share options.  Seamlessly plan your route by using their trip planner feature, and weigh all of your transportation options all in one place by comparing cost and proximity to ride shares, car shares, bike shares, and more.



Food Truck Fiesta

Now on to the important stuff: lunch.  Food Truck Fiesta allows truck owners to provide their location for the day, which is then populated onto a map of the city.  While not the most reliable app (not all trucks use it), this app, at the very least, will at least point you in the right direction towards a concentration of food trucks near you.  The app itself is 99 cents to download, but the website is free to use.  Found a favorite truck that’s not on the app and want to know where they are from day to day?  Try finding them on Twitter: many truck owners update their location via this platform.




Ever been stuck having to figure out how to get two cases of beer or wine home by yourself? With no car? Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just want to stock up on the essentials, Drizly delivers from your local liquor store to your door.  Yes, seriously!




You’ll need some dinner to go along with all of that booze.  There are a number of restaurant delivery apps to choose from these days, but the ones we like best are Postmates for their $3.99 delivery section and their $9.99/month unlimited delivery package, UberEats for their flash free delivery deals and “under 30 minutes” section, EAT24 for its great selection and the inclusion of reviews, and Amazon Restaurants because delivery is free for Prime members on orders over $40!


What did we miss?  If you have any must-have apps that help you navigate life in DC, tell us in the comments below!

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