Natural Odor Eliminators For Your Apartment

The dog days of Summer are here, and summer in the city usually means we’re in for some funky smells.  Walk through any grocery store or home goods store and you are guaranteed to find various brands of air fresheners for your home. These will do the trick, but why not make your own air freshener? Better for both you and the environment, these natural odor eliminators are easy to make and work just as well (or better) than any store bought product.

Coffee Bean Candles

Natural Odor Eliminators

All you will need for this is coffee beans, small tealight candles, and mini pots. Put the tea candle in the middle of the pot and surround it with the coffee beans. Once you light the candle, the coffee smell will radiate. Make as many as you want and place them wherever you want throughout your home. This is perfect for coffee lovers – your home will smell of fresh brewed coffee all the time!


Reed Diffuser

natural odor eliminators

In order to make your own reed diffuser, you will need: a reed diffuser bottle, essential oils, reeds, water, and vodka. Start by filling the bottle with water, vodka and the essential oil of your choice. Lavender or rosemary are both great options. You will need a couple tablespoons of vodka, and a ratio of 12 drops of oil for every ¼ cup of water. Mix all of these together in the bottle. Place the reeds in the bottle and let the ends soak for a bit, then rotate so the soaked end is outside of the bottle. Rotate these weekly to keep the scent fresh.


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Natural Room Fragrances

Natural Odor Eliminators

There are various recipes using natural ingredients such as orange, cinnamon, and any herb; simply make a combination of your choice and brew it over the stove. Here are a couple options: -Orange, cloves, and cinnamon -Rosemary, lemon, and vanilla -Lime, thyme, vanilla extract, and mint The process is very simple. You combine your materials of choice in a pot and fill it with water. Bring the pot to a boil on the stovetop, once it reaches a boil turn it down to just a simmer. The fragrances will begin to move throughout your home. This is so simple and a very quick fix if you need to get rid of any nasty odors in the home.


Air Freshening Spray

Natural Odor Eliminators

Similar to Febreze, but much more natural…you will need a spray bottle, distilled water, baking soda, and an essential oil of your choice. Combine baking soda with 12 drops of the essential oil, and then pour this mixture into your spray bottle. Fill the bottle to the top with distilled water. You now have your very own Febreze – better for you and much cheaper!

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