Best Apps To Use When You Don’t Want To Leave Your Apartment

You’ve worked hard to turn your rental into your happy place.  You finally have things decorated just the way you want them, you spend and arm and a leg for this great space and maybe you have the place to yourself for a few days… it’s easy to understand why you would want to banish your pants and hibernate in your apartment for the weekend!  With absolutely no judgement and a little selfless testing, here are the best apps to use when you don’t want to leave your apartment.

Food and Drink

Best Apps To Use When You Don't Want To Leave Your Apartment


Ever been stuck having to figure out how to get two cases of beer or wine home by yourself? With no car? Whether you’re entertaining for a crowd or just want to stock up on the essentials, Drizly delivers from your local liquor store to your door.


If you love to cook but don’t love meal planning, grocery shopping and wasting produce, then Plated is the way to go.  They make weekly deliveries of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards to follow to whip up a gourmet meal in your own kitchen. Skip a week and choose which meals you’d like for an extra customized experience.


This is one that we’ve truly tested out ourselves and have fallen in love with!  Postmates might arrive on bike or motorcycle or in a car, and they’ll deliver everything from take-out from your favorite non-delivery restaurant to your basics from the local drugstore.


Best Apps To Use When You Don't Want To Leave Your Apartment | Dog Walker App



Cleaning sucks.  Handy offers super affordable and dependable home cleaning services at the click of a button.  Even the laziest among us can handle that!


Whether you want to schedule regular pick-ups or just need help in a pinch, what could be better than someone picking up your dirty clothes and dropping off clean ones?  Washio will do just that, and usually with 24 hours.


Just have a pesky piece or two of dry-cleaning still sitting in your closet?  Forgot to drop-off that shirt that you need for tomorrow? FlyCleaner can pick up, launder and drop off your clothes in as little as 21 minutes!  This app is only available in NYC at the moment, but we have a feeling they’ll be growing quickly.


Looking for expert advice without the cost of a home visit?  Fountain makes it east to get your questions answered through text, video call or even by sending a mocked-up photo with circles and arrows with an average response time of under 2 minutes.


This on-demand dog-walking service is meant to be used when you can’t be home to walk them yourself, but who says you can’t stay home in your jammies while someone else does the work?  This app is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC.

Task Rabbit

Feeling overwhelmed by adulthood?  If you’ve got too much on your plate or just have the cash to pay other people to be an adult for you (jealous!) then use Task Rabbit to hire professionals for everything from assembling furniture to organizing a closet…you can even pay someone to stand in line for you (think DMV or concert ticket line)!


If you’re anything like us, getting to the post office is always to last thing we want tackle on our to-do list.  Shyp makes it possible to have someone pick up, package and ship your items for you.  While it may seem like a luxury, Shyp compares costs for you to make sure you’re getting the absolute lowest shipping rate.  Bonus: they also offer $5 flat-rate return shipping when returning to one of their select retailers.  This app is only available in San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles for the time being but you can sign up to be alerted when it makes its way to your city.

Ready to find your next apartment?



Best Apps To Use When You Don't Want To Leave Your Apartment | Fitness Apps


If you’re not feeling lazy but simply aren’t interested in interacting with humans or paying for a session, Sworkit brings the personal trainer to you!  You can customize everything from a quick stretch to a “rump roaster” session.  The app is free but upgrading to pro offers even further customization.

Pocket Yoga

If you’re anything like us, you like to check your poses out in a private mirror before subjecting a whole yoga studio to them.  Pocket Yoga is like having a one-on-one session with a yogi to help perfect your moves, all in the comfort of your own apartment.


Best Apps To Use When You Don't Want To Leave Your Apartment | Wellness Apps


Have you ever experienced the bliss of an in-spa massage only to have to venture back out and face the real world when it’s all over?  Have the spa come to you with Soothe’s in-home services, starting at $99/60 minutes (gratuity included) and book up to an hour in advance!


So maybe you actually can’t leave home because you’re feeling under the weather?  Pager brings back the house call with their on-demand doctors and gets you the attention you need within 2 hours.  This app is currently available in San Francisco and NYC.


Are there any apps that we missed (we’re asking for a friend, of course…)?  Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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