5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters

We absolutely love being renters.  It allows us to remain flexible and always be prepared for the next adventure.  We aren’t stuck with the cost or responsibility of replacing things around our home.  Plus, we love feeling like a true part of a community and really enjoy getting to know our neighbors.  There are, however, plenty of frustrations that come along with renting an apartment.  Here are 5 things we wish landlords knew about renters:

1. We’ve Done Our Research

5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters | We Do Our Research

Before we even set foot in your building, you better believe we’ve read the reviews on Yelp.  We’re experienced enough to understand that reviews are to be digested with a grain of salt, but we’ve read them and understand the pain points and highlights of living in your community.  We know that Lisa in #304 bumps her slow jams at midnight and that a few of the laundry machines should really be replaced.  Please be real with us; any fibs you feed us now are going to create mistrust and resentment, and a vocal resident will take that straight to Yelp too.

2. We Aren’t Playing Hard To Get

5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters | We Aren't Playing Hard To Get

We really aren’t trying to be difficult when we say the only time we can tour is between 5-7pm or on Saturday afternoon.  Renting isn’t cheap and we work long hours at our jobs to be able to afford it- you know, those jobs you require in order to qualify?   No 9-5, no income verification.

3. False Promises Give Us Trust Issues

5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters | False Promises Give Us Trust Issues

Fake photos get you no where- if we show up to see a unit and it looks completely different from the pictures, you’ll have instantly lost our trust.  And we’ll tell our friends.  The whole bait and switch maneuver only works when someone is seriously desperate and shame on you for taking advantage of that.      

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4. Don’t Leave Us in the Dark

5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters | Don't Leave Us In The Dark

When you let us know about upcoming maintenance, issues to be aware of , etc., you’re letting us know that we can trust you to be open and honest about our living space.  We’ll be much more forgiving if we’re kept in the loop instead of hearing about an issue after the fact or worse, from another tenants mouth. We want to hear it directly from you.  On that note, please also give us 24 hours notice when you’re planning to enter our apartment.  No, we aren’t trying to hide anything from you, we simply like to keep our personal lives private.  Obviously, emergencies are another story, but there’s no reason why scheduled maintenance shouldn’t be on our radar.

5. We See The Bigger Picture

5 Things We Wish Landlords Knew About Renters | We See The Big Picture

The unit you’re showing us might be freshly cleaned and updated, but we know the true test is in how well you keep the rest of the building.  Is the entrance landscaping shriveled?  Are the carpets in the hallway musty?  Is there an out-of-order sign on a laundry machine or two?  These are all clues about the amount of care and pride you put into your community and how we (and our apartment) can expect to be treated.


So, what did we miss?  We want to hear about your experiences as a fellow renter: what makes you crazy and what do you appreciate in a landlord?  


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