The Emotional Journey of Apartment Hunting

Searching for your next home is a big deal.  No matter the reason for your move, there is a lot of emotional, physical and mental energy that goes into the decision making process.  With the current state of the apartment listing world, it’s hard not to get caught up in the emotional journey of apartment hunting.

First, you start out pretty confident about your apartment search:

“No I don’t need any help thank you very much, I’m a master of the inter-webs.  I’ve got this.”

Then you start to get super excited dreaming of your new place:

“There are SO MANY listings to choose from! I love apartment hunting!”

Before long, you start feeling a bit overwhelmed:

“Oh wow, ok, 1,347 matches…where to start…”

After a little scrolling you’re totally confused:

“Hold up, this one is a full 35 miles from where I want to be…”

Then you start feeling completely frustrated:

“Woah woah woah, this place is like my entire paycheck…I literally just said my max is $1800…”

Ready to find your next apartment?

Suddenly, waves of excitement begin to wash over you:

“Ooooh this could be the one! I think I’m in love!”

Only to quickly be replaced with grave disappointment:

“…aaaand it got rented last Tuesday…would have been nice to know, guys.”

Next thing you know you’re in full on panic mode:

“Ok, my fate has been sealed.  I’ll be living under the bridge if anyone needs me…”

Then suddenly, a glimmer of hope:

the emotional journey of apartment hunting

“Wow, someone is actually listening! Maybe they really can help. Please be able to help…”

You start to regain some confidence in your search:

“Ok, these are actually really good matches for me…”

Finally, full blown excitement is restored when you find your perfect apartment:

“Ahhh, apartment sweet apartment.”

The struggle is real out there.  Skip the emotional roller coaster and begin your apartment search with us.

You’ll end up with the best possible match and we’ll all be doing a happy dance in no time.

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