Apartment Hunting Doesn’t Have to Suck

Our most recent client Casie is busy celebrating the discovery of her dreamy new apartment in Washington, DC.  Before the celebrating began, we asked her to tell us a little bit about her experience:

“I found Apartminty when I was on Twitter, as most twenty year olds are (my age), and I was tweeting about how I was going to end up living in a box underneath the Key Bridge because apartment hunting sucks in Washington. But Apartminty reached out to me and my experience with them has been so effortless.¬†We found a place in less than a month and we’re signing our lease today, so…apartment hunting doesn’t have to suck!”

We’re so happy for you and your roommate, Casie, and we can’t wait for the housewarming party!

Ready to find your next apartment?

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