How To Update Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit

So, you just moved into your new apartment but, something is missing.  The space is shiny and new but it just doesn’t quite feel like you’ve put a personal touch on it yet.  Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect remedy. Check out these simple tips and tricks we found to update your apartment without losing your security deposit!


Chalk Board Stick-On Paper

Apartment Hacks | Update Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit | Chalkboard Paper

Eliminate the hassle of buying a calendar each year and also add some flare to your office room with this removable stick on paper. This paper is perfect for a kids’ bedroom or keeping track of everyone’s schedules in the kitchen. Visit for 4-sheets per package at only $3.98!

Faux Stainless Steel

Apartment Hacks | Update Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit | Faux Stainless Steel

Going for that modern and sleek look? Transform just about anything with this stainless steel film. Using the “wet method” in minutes you can update your refrigerator, dishwasher or vanity! When you’re ready to move simply hit the film with a hairdryer to loosen and peel away.

Privacy Window Covering

Update Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit | Glad Press and Seal Creates Window Privacy

Ok, seriously. This is easily one our favorite tricks! Take a trip to your local grocery store and simply grab some of this GLAD Press’n Seal. Apply the sticky side inside your window for an etched look and experience the perfect temporary solution to get the privacy you need. Best part: the light still shines through and there’s no sticky residue! Bet you never thought you’d use cling wrap to decorate.


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Granite, Granite, Granite

Apartment Hacks | Temporary Decor For Renters | Faux Granite Countertops

Similar to the Faux Stainless Steel Film, you can also achieve the luxury of granite countertops at a fraction of the cost. This faux granite film installs onto any smooth surface including kitchen and bathroom countertops. Set the adhesive for 24 hours and voila! You’re fancy.

Furniture O’verlays

Update Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit | Custom Furniture Overlays from O'verlays
photo via O’verlays

Feel like you’re missing some color or texture? Add some flavor to your favorite furniture pieces with these lightweight temporary overlays. The decorative panels come in various patterns and sizes. They’re paintable and easily attach to any furniture, mirror, wall or glass. Visit your local IKEA to customize many of their popular pieces.  BONUS: Use the code APARTMINTY15 now to receive a 15% discount on your order!


Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary Apartment Decor Hacks | Temporary Wallpaper

Go crazy decorating each room with Tempaper Gio Temporary Wallpaper. This removable peel-and-stick paper allows you to add some personality and style for only $11.90 per sheet!




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