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Redesigning a space takes a lot of work.

Fortunately, the common elements of a bathroom (such as a shower, sink, toilet, and tub) break the space down into design pieces.  Being able to work with a space that’s easy to break down gives you an ideal DIY opportunity. Use your imagination to redesign things how you want and add colors that will complement the rest of the apartment. Tackle the projects you would like to work on and take time coming up with a beautiful space both you and your guests will love.

Below are 7 expert DIY tips to keep in mind while transforming your apartment bathroom:


#1: Consider the layout


As you plan where to put accessories and decorative elements, make a note of what your needs are in the space. If you plan to add small pieces of furniture, like a hamper or stool, experiment with different arrangements. For items that won’t always be in use such as a stepstool see if you can find a collapsible version or figure out where you can put it when it isn’t in use. Have a plan right from the beginning where everything will go, and you might end up with some free space. Having some space on the floor will make the room appear larger which is better than making it look cramped.


#2: Add storage


Sometimes it’s hard figuring out where put everything in a bathroom, especially if you have a lot of toiletries or towels, for example. One way you can do that is by showing off colorful towels in open shelving instead of stuffing everything in large cabinets. Adding playful colors to the bathroom personalizes the space without having to add large pieces of furniture.

Here are a few other ideas:


  • Sink skirts on pedestal sinks add personality and hide toiletries
  • Stack floating shelves to organize accessories in a creative and attractive way
  • Small containers like wooden crates provide accessible floor storage
  • Use bright and colorful storage ladders to store smaller containers


Utilizing accents with personality, even in the form of storage, will help you customize a bathroom and tell your personal story.


#3: Swap out old fixtures


It’s the small things that make a bathroom feel luxurious. For instance, replacing old fixtures with new ones can make a big difference. Do you have cloudy glass shades on a bathroom fixture? Swap out the outdated shades with new sconces that look better.  Aim for a minimal sconce design so that it’ll work in any bathroom (assuming you have more than one bathroom in your apartment).  After replacing the sconces, don’t forget to store the old shade so that you can put it back when you move out.  Another fixture you can swap out is the showerhead. Replace the showerhead with one that makes you feel like you’re staying in a fancy hotel.

If it doesn’t match other fixtures and appliances in your apartment, you can paint it so that it’ll match the faucet, for example. Your local hardware store may even have paints with chrome or bronze finishes. If you decide to paint the showerhead, don’t clog up the holes where the water comes out. Putting toothpicks in the holes before painting it will eliminate any clogs.


#4: Add a few rugs


Adding a few rugs to the bathroom is easy to do and will make the space more comfortable and inviting. A great type of rug to add is a rag rug. As opposed to traditional bath mats, rag rugs bring in more color and personality. They’re also easy to wash.

If a rag rug isn’t your thing, we’ve compiled a list of other popular types of rugs you can choose from:

  • Bamboo rugs are affordable but aren’t soft
  • For a bathroom with a lot of moisture, a chenille rug would work because it is not easily damaged
  • If you plan on having a lot of guests over a polyester bathroom rug is a durable option
  • A traditional cotton bathroom rug is thinner than other options but comes in many types of designs


#5: Update the Walls


Continue to set the vibe for your apartment bathroom by personalizing the walls. Remember to check your lease agreement or ask your apartment manager what changes you can safely make.There are several DIY options you can consider for updating your bathroom walls:

  • Installing boards
  • Smoothing out the old wall texture
  • Painting the walls with a new, light color
  • Installing contemporary wallpaper


If you aren’t authorized to make permanent changes to the bathroom walls, try applying fabric to a wall with liquid starch. It may be time intensive, but it’ll look just like real wallpaper and will be easy to take down before moving out.


#6: Expand wall space with wall designs


Do you want to expand wall space with art? Put a mural on the wall. A mural will make the room look bigger. Another option is to feature artwork that has a scenic location like a favorite beach, garden, or national park. You can also hang a picture that reminds you of a window view. Artwork that gives the illusion of space can visually expand the room despite how small the bathroom actually is.


#7: Add pops of color


Instead of painting the bathroom walls, an alternative is to make it seem colorful with rugs and hand towels. Hang bright and bold towels to add instant personality and color. Add attractive soap dishes and other bathroom elements for a stylish touch. If you add a storage ladder, as we mentioned above, paint it to complement other accessories in the bathroom.



Redesigning an apartment bathroom can be a bit challenging. But, with the right techniques, the bathroom can become the star in your apartment. Use these seven tips to bring your bathroom to life and don’t be afraid to use your imagination. This is your space and it can look however you want!

We can’t wait to see how your DIY projects turn out.


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