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Where To Celebrate National Cheese Day In DC

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National Cheese Day | Where To Celebrate In Washington, DC

Do we really need a dedicated day to declare our love for cheese?  June 4th is National Cheese Day, and although we prefer to celebrate 365 days a year, we thought we’d take this opportunity to point out a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the ingredient here in DC.  Here are 4 of our favorite cheese dishes in the District!


Saganaki, aka “Flaming Cheese” at Cava Mezze

National Cheese Day In DC | Saganaki Flaming Cheese From Cava Mezze

via Instagram | @cavamezze


This explosion of flavor comes along with a tableside show of sorts.  The star ingredient, kefalograviera cheese, is soaked in Brandy, then lit on fire and flambéed tableside, then doused with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to put out the flame.  This leaves you with a warm and gooey on the inside, crispy and flavorful on the outside appetizer that you’ll want to order a second round of.



Goat Cheese Fondue at The Fainting Goat

National Cheese Day In DC | Goat Cheese Fondue At The Fainting Goat

via Instagram | @faintinggoatdc


Fondue is always a winner in our books, no matter what form it comes in, but The Fainting Goat really takes it to the next level (and keeps it on brand) with their Goat Cheese Fondue appetizer.  Melty, gooey goat cheese is served with equally as delicious grilled bread and we’re drooling just thinking about it.



Cheese Plate at Proof

National Cheese Day In DC | Cheese Plate at Proof

via Instagram | @proof_dc


Nothing beats a classic cheese plate – a great assortment of cheeses, fresh bread, and some delicious, homemade sauces spreads and accompaniments – you could almost make a meal out of it, and we have on quite a few occasions.  At Proof, choose from their impressive list of 20+ cheese to build your perfect plate of 3 or 6 selections.



Anything From The Big Cheese Food Truck

National Cheese Day In DC | Grilled Cheese From The Big Cheese Truck

via Instagram | @thehungrytruffle


When grilled cheese is the only thing on your menu, you better knock it out of the park – and The Big Cheese certainly does.  Choose from a seasonal, rotating variety of sandwiches that star a variety of scrumptious cheese, paired brilliantly with other toppings.




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