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Souping Is The New Juicing: A Cleanse We Can Get Behind

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Souping Is The New Juicing | Souping Cleanse Recipes

Let us start by saying that we are not doctors or nutritionists (duh).  We do, however, love trying new fresh and delicious recipes and even partaking in a “system reboot” every now and again.  If you’ve ever done a juice cleanse of any sort, you know how challenging they can be.  First, the cost can be outrageous.  Even if you own a juicer and are making your own, organic produce is not cheap and a mountain of fruits and veggies is reduced to a cup or two of liquid right in front of your eyes.  If you are making your own, the clean up is time-consuming, and the juices need to be fresh, so this is a near daily undertaking while cleansing.  The first couple of days can be torture as your body begs you to eat some solid food, just dying to chew on something, anything.  When all is said and done, you may feel lighter, brighter and more energetic, but those effects are short-lived as we often find ourselves quickly bouncing back to old habits and the hunger pangs of the last few days may even cause you to binge or overeat to make up for missed calories.  Doesn’t exactly sound like fun, does it?

That’s where the souping cleanse comes in.  In the dead of winter, few things sound more enticing than a steaming bowl of soup, and there are so many satisfying, nutrient-filled recipes out there to experiment with.  While some juice cleanses recommend pureed soups only, we really believe there is something truly satisfying (and sustainable) about a soup with some texture.  We’ll refrain from exploring how and why to do a soup cleanse and point you to these resources from goop, Women’s Health, and New York Times instead, but keep scrolling for some delicious soup recipes to get you started.

Detox Turmeric Veggie Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Detox Turmeric Veggie Soup Whole 30 Paleo

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Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup With Chestnut & Thyme

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Vegan Watercress Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Vegan Watercress Soup

30-Minute Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Chilled Pea, Cucumber & Cashew Soup With Mint

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Chilled Pea Cucumber Cashew Soup With Mint

West African Peanut Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | West African Peanut Soup

Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Watercress Pistachio Pesto

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Watercress Pistachio Pesto

Rainbow Veggie Detox Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Rainbow Veggie Detox Soup

Ginger & Turmeric Spiced Spring Carrot Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | Ginger and Turmeric Spiced Spring Carrot Soup

10-Ingredient Alkalizing Green Soup

Souping Cleanse Recipes | 10-Ingredient Alkalizing Green Soup

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