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Quick Marketing Wins-Obvious but Often Forgotten

Quick Marketing Wins-Obvious but Often Forgotten

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Volume 3 of Executing Quick Marketing Wins for multifamily is contributed by the brilliant mind running Behind the Leasing Desk, Heather Blume.



It can be frustrating to be on site when someone is a creative person who works for a company with an incredible and centralized marketing department. Feeling like there is nothing that you can do to help boost your sales on site can cause these types of employees to feel like they aren’t using their talents, and that makes them start to waiver on company loyalty. If you’re an onsite employee who wants to make a positive impact on your property’s marketing while building some good credibility with the corporate marketing department, then it’s time to take on one of the most important tasks of all: Audit the ILS {Internet Listing Sites}.
Sure, it’s not glamorous, and it’s not particularly creative, but marketing isn’t always about glitter and starbursts. The truth is, it’s the management of the smaller data points that matter the most to a good marketer. For this reason, take about a half hour to an hour each quarter of the year and do an audit on your listings. Check for these things for a bare minimum:
1. Is the basic information right? Hours can change seasonally for some properties, and if you’re planning on cutting tours of when dusk hits during the winter season, it might make a good idea to make note of it on your listing. Is there any construction going on that might make the directions listed to get to your property more complicated? Update that with the best way to avoid the stressful traffic. Has the property put in any new amenities, or added to the existing ones in a way that could be better described in the listing?
2. Is the sales prose dated and ineffective? Try this: print out the descriptive paragraphs and circle every single adjective and adverb used. Count them. Now, eliminate half of them. I know it’s painful, but do it. From the 15 words you probably have left, figure out a way to tell your property’s lifestyle story in a way that isn’t coated in useless descriptors that don’t mean anything. You might have a “sparkling pool,” but wouldn’t it be better to have a half-length lane pool that is kept at 81 degrees year round for those residents who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Which one do you think actually sells better? Go for honesty, and cut all the flowery words.
3. Check the photos of the property. Is your first picture of the monument sign? Change that. No one cares how nice your sign is. Are you showcasing your outdoor pool in the dead of winter? Switch to a cozier amenity. Does the picture of your pool have a cover on the pool? (Yes…I have seen this.) Is the coloring good? Do they actually showcase the property well, or do they just blend in with all the other photos on the site? Consider using Instagram to host a Snap A Shot contest with your residents, letting them upload their own favorite views of their home. Check the photos for compliance with Fair Housing before you use them, but pick the best shots to use in your marketing for the next quarter.

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Not one to settle for status quo, Holli has spent her 20 year career shaking up the multifamily industry. From creating unheard of building amenities to designing lounge-like leasing centers, to major Pinterest fails in the kitchen, she is ever experimenting. It’s no surprise that she created a new way to match apartment renters with their perfect home. Holli is a featured speaker and session facilitator at regional and national industry conferences. When she’s not brainstorming the next marketing campaign, you can find Holli testing the limits of bottomless brunch or climbing the Peloton Leaderboard!

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