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Our Story

Meet Apartminty. We weren’t started in some corporate brainstorm session or as some college project, but in the midst of an incredibly frustrating hunt for a new apartment. Our founders, apartment renters and property managers themselves, wanted an apartment search site that would let you search like you are inclined to. What began as an experimental landing page to help make life easier for one landlord has transformed into the only apartment hunting site to allow apartment hunters to search for an apartment by the date they actually want to move in and only displaying the apartments that actually matched that timeframe. Saving the apartment hunter and the leasing agents time makes Apartminty the easiest way to find an apartment in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

If you’re serious about finding seriously qualified renters and saving your leasing agents hours of time, join us via the links below!


  • Luck 10% 10%
  • Skill 20% 20%
  • Concentrated Power of Will 50% 50%

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