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Kalorama Heights DC Neighborhood Guide

Kalorama Heights DC Neighborhood Guide

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NorthWest DC   •   Established Neighborhood   •   Great Parks   •   Embassy Row


Studio: $1900
1 BR: $1975
2 BR: $2830


Walkscore: 97
Transit Score: 83
Metro: None

Kalorama Heights is one of D.C.’s most prestigious and expensive neighborhoods. The area is known for its beautiful housing, noteworthy residents, the embassies scattered throughout, and its quiet neighborhood feel. While Kalorama is elegant and quiet, it is in very close proximity to neighborhoods such as Adams Morgan, Georgetown, and Dupont Circle, so the hustle and bustle of D.C. isn’t too far out of reach. Residents of Kalorama are some of D.C.’s most reputable individuals, including ambassadors, statesmen, past presidents, and more. From the houses to its residents, Kalorama exudes excellence.


Adams Morgan Brunch DC

Our Favorite Brunch Spot

Bistrot du Coin is a French bistro located in the Kalorama neighborhood. Their motto is “French, fun, and friendly”, bringing the residents of Kalorama an authentic and enjoyable French dining experience. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 4PM. Their brunch menu contains standard brunch items with an added French flair to them. Some of our favorites are the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon or any of the six various omelets on the menu. Your favorite brunch cocktails are served for $9.95, including Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys, and a brunch Martini. At Bistrot du Coin, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the “French, fun, and friendly” atmosphere make for an unforgettable brunch experience.


Adams Morgan Happy Hour DC

Our Favorite Happy Hour Spot

McClellan’s Retreat is located right on the border of Kalorama and Dupont Circle, and it is one of the best Happy Hour options for those living in the Kalorama neighborhood. McClellan’s Retreat is a Civil War inspired bar, specializing in signature cocktails crafted by the experienced bartenders, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and more. Their bartenders are well experienced and truly spend time crafting each drink so that it is always enjoyable. Happy Hour takes place every day from 4PM – 7Pm, and the drink specials change on a daily basis. The environment and the service make coming here worth it – it is a great spot to grab a few drinks when you want to remain close by to the Kalorama neighborhood.


Adams Morgan Gyms & Fitness Centers | Where To Work Out In DC

Best Place To Work Up A Sweat

Compared to other D.C. neighborhoods, Kalorama does not have as many workout options right in the neighborhood. That being said, there are still several options, that are easily accessible to the Kalorama residents, where they can work up a good sweat. Our personal favorite is the Washington Hilton Living Well Health Club. With cardio equipment, an outdoor pool, strength training and free weight equipment, and group exercise options, the Living Well Health Club has a workout for everyone.  Additionally, the club has it’s own fitness experts that can assist in wellness coaching and personal training. Memberships start at $94 per month, and accessibility to the club varies based on your membership. The club offers Personal Training memberships as well. At the Living Well Health club, there are spacious locker rooms, top of the line equipment, personal trainers, and wellness coaches giving you the best gym experience you could ask for.


Getting Around DC | Adams Morgan Transportation

Best Way To Get Around

Kalorama happens to be D.C.’s 12th most walkable neighborhood. Most daily errands can be taken care of on foot, and there are several restaurants or bars that residents can walk to within minutes. While the neighborhood doesn’t have it’s own Metro Station, Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan and DuPont Circle are in close proximity. Bus stops are available throughout the neighborhood as well. Because Kalorama isn’t as congested as other D.C. neighborhoods, driving and parking tend to be a bit easier here, expanding the transportation options. The neighborhood is in close proximity to many other D.C. neighborhoods, so commuting in and out of Kalorama is convenient for the most part.


Adams Morgan Lifestyle | Living In DC

Neighborhood Lifestyle

The Kalorama neighborhood is prestigious, close-knit, calm, and collected. The neighbors look out for each other, and there is a strong sense of community. The neighborhood itself is quiet, but it is in close proximity to several D.C. hotspots. The neighborhood hosts several neighborhood events throughout the year, bringing residents together. Young families are beginning to populate the area more and more, due to the strong sense of community found here. There is a close-knit, safe and protected, and comfortable feel to living in the Kalorama neighborhood – the notable residents bring security while the beautiful housing and tranquil environment make you feel right at home.  


What You Won't Find In Adams Morgan DC

What You Won’t Find

Living in Kalorama, you won’t find the hustle and bustle of a typical D.C. neighborhood. The energy is lot lower key, and the neighborhood prides itself on the peace and quiet you find here. While a lot of other D.C. neighborhoods have a wide variety of residents, the Kalorama neighborhood tends to consist of the area’s prestigious individuals. There is a strong sense of neighborhood and community here, but the residents and environment that you will find here are different from the rest of the district.  


Living In Adams Morgan | DC Apartments Adams Morgan

Living In Kalorama Heights

Most of Kalorama is filled with large and beautiful homes – the apartment trend hasn’t quite caught on here. The neighborhood is one of D.C.’s most expensive so you can guarantee that the homes found here will reflect that.  There are several embassies throughout the neighborhood, as well as ambassadors, congressmen, and statesmen, and all of their homes exude the class and status. While there is a mix of modern townhouses thrown in, the overriding theme is for the homes to be expansive, deluxe, and beautiful. 


Looking For Apartments In Kalorama?

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