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H Street DC Neighborhood Guide

H Street DC Neighborhood Guide


NorthWest DC   •   Nightlife   •   Variety of Dining   •   Street Car


Studio: $1857
1 BR: $2313
2 BR: $3237


Walkscore: 93
Transit Score: 82
Metro: None

What once may have been considered a questionable area, H Street is now one of D.C.’s trendiest neighborhoods. Following the opening of the New York Avenue Metro Stop in 2004, and major restorations in 2007-2008, the North of Massachusetts Avenue neighborhood, including the H Street Corridor, has become a happening place to live. The area is blocks away from the Capitol and is filled with luxury apartments, delicious restaurants, lively bars, and a growing retail scene. With destinations such as The Atlas Performing Arts Theater, the neighborhood has an artistic feel to it, drawing in a unique mix of individuals.


Adams Morgan Brunch DC

Our Favorite Brunch Spot

There are fabulous brunch spots all throughout the District, which always makes it tough to choose our favorites. Mythology, however, makes our decision for the best brunch on H Street a no-brainer. There are several places throughout the neighborhood with Mythological names because of the Atlas Theater, and the “Atlas Neighborhood” nickname that has come with it. Mythology has a diverse menu and delicious brunch. Start your meal off with $9 Bloody Mary’s, $8 glasses of Prosecco, or $25 bottles of Prosecco with your choice of a mixer. Typical brunch items such as Chicken and Waffles and Shrimp and Grits can be found on the menu, as well as more distinctive items such as a Short Rib Sandwich and Breakfast Frittatas. Don’t miss out on their Will Ferrell “Stay Classy” pop-up menu while it lasts!


Adams Morgan Happy Hour DC

Our Favorite Happy Hour Spot

Our favorite Happy Hour in the H Street neighborhood is at Smith Commons. Also known as “Smith Hour”, this three-story bistro offers specials daily from 4:30 – 7:00 PM, and all night long on Mondays. Drink specials and $2 off select appetizers are included in Smith Hour. Located in a converted warehouse, Smith Commons is known for its unique and trendy atmosphere. The menu consists of a variety of craft beers and cocktails and cuisine with an international spin to it. Smith Hour only includes the bar menu, but not to worry this is just as good – appetizers include options such as Ceviche, Tuna Tartar, Braised Pork Belly, and Margherita Flatbread.


Adams Morgan Gyms & Fitness Centers | Where To Work Out In DC

Best Place To Work Up A Sweat

Reformation Fitness is a workout studio that focuses on small group classes. They pride themselves on being a one-stop boutique fitness studio – classes include everything from mat and reformer Pilates and Yoga to Spin to TRX and H.I.I.T classes. With highly educated trainers, you are guaranteed to have a safe and effective workout every time you attend a Reformation Fitness class. Reformation Fitness offers New Client Specials – for the studio classes, the trial offer is two sessions for $19, or the “6 Pack” New Client Special of 6 sessions for $90. For the Group Reformer, the trial offer is 2 sessions for $29, and the “6 Pack” New Client Special is 6 sessions for $150. After that, class packs and monthly contracts are available.


Getting Around DC | Adams Morgan Transportation

Best Way To Get Around

Public transportation and walking are both great options for getting around the H Street neighborhood. Residents have access to two Metro Lines: New York Avenue and Union Station, though both are about a mile away. However, there is a free shuttle as well as 11 bus lines that run throughout the area. Residents also have access to the DC Street Car, an additional means of transportation from Union Station all the way to Benning Rd. Walking throughout the H Street Corridor is likely the most convenient options. With a Walk Score of 93, the neighborhood is the 9th most walkable neighborhood, and residents can accomplish just about anything by foot. 


Adams Morgan Lifestyle | Living In DC

Neighborhood Lifestyle

The H Street neighborhood has a variety of residents and a constant influx of visitors due to the nightlife scene and the businesses in the surrounding areas. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community – as the area has developed, the residents have stuck together and formed a neighborhood bond. You will see a mix of many different people living in the area: hipsters, artists, young professionals, and families all reside here. The mix of residents works well – everyone living here seems to truly enjoy and value the sense of community that the H Street Corridor has developed.


Living In Adams Morgan | DC Apartments Adams Morgan

Living In H Street

Housing in H Street mostly consists of row homes, townhomes converted into condos, and upscale apartment buildings. Living in the neighborhood used to be much more affordable than it is now, but as the area has increased in popularity, its rental prices have increased as well. While there is already a strong presence of apartment buildings here, it is expected that even more rental units will be built in the future. Upscale apartment buildings are scattered throughout the neighborhood, offering residents a convenient, comfortable, and reliable place to live in the H Street Corridor. These various apartment buildings will allow for people to continue to move into the area as it grows.  


Looking For Apartments In The H Street Area?

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