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Cathedral Heights DC Neighborhood Page

Cathedral Heights DC Neighborhood Page

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NorthWest DC   •   Established Neighborhood   •   Variety of Dining   •   Convenient   •   Great Bus Options


Studio: $1573
1 BR: $1939
2 BR: $2707


Walkscore: 87
Transit Score: 64
Metro: None

Cathedral Heights is a Northwest Washington D.C. neighborhood located between Glover Park, Tenleytown, and Cleveland Park. The neighborhood is known for being a peaceful escape from the normal hustle you find in most Washington D.C. neighborhoods. The neighborhood’s many parks and trails add to its quaintness. Cathedral Heights is a wonderful place for families – noteworthy schools, a safe environment, small amounts of neighborhood traffic, and a variety of housing options. 


Adams Morgan Brunch DC

Our Favorite Brunch Spot

Barcelona Wine Bar is a new addition to the Cathedral Heights neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier about it. The menu consists of tapas inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish, and South American cuisine. Additionally, they have close to 400 different types of wines, and the in-house sommelier can assist in picking the right wine for you. From 11:00AM to 3:00PM on Saturday and Sunday, Barcelona offers their brunch menu, and it is to die forin addition to the tapas menu, there are several Brunch items offered. One of our favorites is the Barcelona Benedict, which puts a Spanish twist on a classic brunch item. The restaurant environment makes for a great brunch experience as well. 


Adams Morgan Happy Hour DC

Our Favorite Happy Hour Spot

Cathedral Heights is home to Slate Wine Bar, one of our favorite Happy Hour spots in the area. Happy Hour takes place from 3:00PM – 7:00PM Monday through Friday, and 10:00PM – Midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Select beers are just $5, while house wines and cocktails are $7. There are over ten different small plate options, all of which are less than $10. At Slate, the environment plays a big part in the experience. With casual vibes and exceptional service, relaxing over a few happy hour drinks and bites makes for the perfect evening. 


Adams Morgan Gyms & Fitness Centers | Where To Work Out In DC

Best Place To Work Up A Sweat

Zengo Cycle is one of the D.C. area’s greatest cycling studios. This indoor cycling studio gives riders a full body workout – nonstop cycling to the beat of the music while also incorporating arm and core movements in throughout the class. Zengo isn’t just about the body – each class features moments of “Zen”, where things slow down a bit, and riders can focus on the mind-body connection. Certified instructors teach the Zengo classes, and they are constantly striving to motivate and inspire their riders. There are a few different locations throughout the District, one of them being in Cathedral Heights. The studios have a clean and classy feel to them, and both showers and lockers are available. Your first class is $24, and then class packs can be purchased.


Getting Around DC | Adams Morgan Transportation

Best Way To Get Around

The best way to get around Cathedral Heights is typically by foot or by car. Unlike most D.C. neighborhoods, Cathedral Heights does not have it’s own Metro stop, and public transportation is not typically what people rely on in this neighborhood. Living in Cathedral Heights you will have the ability to walk to essentially anything you need – restaurants, bars, shops, and more. While the neighborhood has much to offer, residents are also within walking distance of both Glover Park and Georgetown, bringing even more ease and convenience to living in this area. Living here, walking and driving will likely be your two main modes of transportation.


Adams Morgan Lifestyle | Living In DC

Neighborhood Lifestyle

Like each D.C. neighborhood, Cathedral Heights has a unique personality of it’s own. For the most part, Cathedral Heights attracts upscale families looking to settle down in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. While that accounts for much of Cathedral Height’s population, there still is some variety here. Diplomats and ambassadors are a large part of this neighborhood as well. Because of the families and individuals that choose to live here, the Cathedral Heights neighborhood has a safe, high-end, and peaceful feel to it. This is not a neighborhood for one looking to go out a lot – the scene here is much more laid back and family oriented. 


What You Won't Find In Adams Morgan DC

What You Won’t Find

Public Transportation. Cathedral Heights does not have a Metro stop, and the public transportation it does have is not always the most reliable. The closest Metro station is about a 20-minute walk, which is not ideal for those who commute on a daily basis. Capital Bikeshare is also not available in the neighborhood, but that is something that they are working to fix. The neighborhood is extremely aware of their lack of convenient public transportation, and hopefully this will improve with time.


Living In Adams Morgan | DC Apartments Adams Morgan

Living In Cathedral Heights

Housing in Cathedral Heights is a bit different than other D.C. neighborhoods. The housing here is predominately large apartment and condo complexes, with single-family row houses scattered throughout. Living in this neighborhood is quite expensive, and highly sought after. 3213 Wisconsin Avenue is conveniently located in Cathedral Heights, and has one-bedroom one-bathroom apartments available. With beautiful hardwood floors, onsite laundry, and a prime location, 3213 Wisconsin has everything you need to feel at home. Located in the heart of Cathedral Heights, residents can walk to 2 Amys, Cafe Delux and several other neighborhood attractions. Living here, you will be able to explore Cathedral Heights and all it has to offer with ease. 


Looking For An Apartment In Cathedral Heights?

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