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Move Over Hygge, Get Ready to Cwtch

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You’ve heard of Hygge and Lagom, comforting decor trends hailing Denmark and Sweden, respectively. But the next international trend set to sweep the design world is Cwtch. Derived from Wales, Cwtch (pronounced kutch) doesn’t have a direct English translation. It can be described both as a long, warm embrace as well as a cubbyhole or cupboard. The Welsh have used this term for centuries to describe a feeling of comfort and security that can come from a place, an object or a loved one. Homeowners are drawn to Cwtch’s ability to easily bring a level of coziness into their homes without forcing them to follow a set plan, meaning their decor can keep the unique attributes they love.


To incorporate Cwtch into your decor, bring in comforting and relaxing elements into your home. Focus on the items that bring you joy and remind you of where you come from, personalizing your space to suit your hobbies and needs. To help create a more intimate environment, take a second look at small spaces by bringing in a variety of textures and artwork that will help make the area more inviting. Larger rooms can also benefit from Cwtch by being separated with curtains to help increase privacy and bring in a warming element throughout the home. The key to Cwtch is to discovering what harmony and relaxation means to you so that your version of this Welsh design trend is unique to your personality.

Below are Invaluable’s 8 decor tips to bring more cwtch in your home


1. Personalize your space.

How to Cwtch | PErsonalize Your Space | Interior Design trends

2. Create cozy nooks with curtains and dividers.

How to Cwtch | Interior design trends

3. Opt for pieces with history.

4. Rethink your small spaces.

5. Showcase your passions and hobbies.

6. Warm up your home.

7. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

8. Follow your personal style.


Emma Welsh

Emma Welsh


Emma Welsh is a writer at, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles. You can see more of her and her colleagues’ work here

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Move Over Hygge--Get Ready to Cwtch
Article Name
Move Over Hygge--Get Ready to Cwtch
The next international trend set to sweep the design world is Cwtch. Derived from Wales, Cwtch (pronounced kutch) + it means a long warm embrace. Read these 8 steps to incorporating Cwtch into your home.
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