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Is this Neighborhood Right for Me? 3 Questions to Help Answer

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How Do I Know if This Neighborhood is Right For Me?

We all have our list of what we want our dream apartment to have; walk-in closet, washer and dryer, big windows and lots of natural light…but even if we get everything we want in the apartment, our rental experience is ruined if we end up in a neighborhood not suited to our needs. Here are three questions to ask yourself and help identify “what neighborhood is right for me?”

1. What is the transportation situation? Or Am I close enough to work?

Even the best apartment will ultimately lose its charm if you get stuck with a two-hour long commute every day. Depending on where you live in the city, this may just be your reality. I know that if I don’t leave my office by a certain hour, I am doomed to a loooong commute. I counter this with my audible subscription and amazing podcasts like Reply All to keep me entertained. Here are some other transportation-related questions to ask yourself. Do I need parking? Do I need a permit? How many bus routes serve this neighborhood? How many transfers will I have to make to get to the office? And a final significant one my bus riding roommate shared with me–Does the bus stop have shelter? During DC’s crazy rainstorms, you’re going to wish it did!

2. Does this neighborhood have everything I need?

Depending on your mode of transportation, this question and answer vary for everyone. If you have a car and you can drive to Ikea and buy a new bookcase anytime you want, you might not care how close the grocery store is. However, if you plan on living the car-free life, it’s wise to make sure you have a proper grocery store within walking distance or make sure that your address qualifies for Amazon Fresh! If your apartment doesn’t have a washer & dryer or you are wearing a lot of business clothes, you may want to make sure you have a dry cleaner on your block. If you have a pet should be on the lookout for a dog park.

3. What is this neighborhood like on weekends?

I’ve visited new neighborhoods that have mostly office buildings and just a few apartments, and on the weekends, the streets are eerily quiet and a little creepy. But if you want your weekends to be super chill, this may be perfect for you. I live in an older neighborhood with established nightlife, and I can tell you this isn’t always awesome. Sometimes the 3 AM revelers can be a bit loud for my taste. The answer to this question will all be personal preference, but it’s worth checking out what the neighborhood is like after business hours.


Whether you’re new to the city or have lived here for years, asking yourself these couple of questions upfront will save you a ton of grief and make sure you love your new apartment and neighborhood!  Want to learn more about DC Neighborhoods you should consider? Check out our Washington, D.C. Neighborhood Guide.

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