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Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color

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Painting an apartment can be expensive, time consuming, and is often not allowed by your landlord. For the color lovers out there, not to worry…we have compiled a list of some simple and foolproof ways to brighten up your pad without ever cracking a paint can. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or a simple seasonal update, here are some affordable and functional options for easy apartment decorating using color.

Whether you prefer solid colors or fun patterns, curtains are a great way to add color to any space. Long curtains that reach the ground will act as a focal point and make the room and windows look larger. Choose an interesting rod and pick curtains that give your room a seasonally appropriate feel (light and sheer in summer, rich and heavier in the winter).

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Throw Pillows
Particularly useful in the family room, living room, or bedroom, throw pillows can add color and style that reflects your mood or the season. Mix and match colors and patterns to create interest and personalize the space. It is so easy to find reasonably priced pillows at places like Home Goods (one of our faves). If you like to change up your style frequently, consider checking out Ikea for pillow covers you can switch out when the mood strikes without buying the whole shebang.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Lamp Shades
Take a basic, classic lamp base and spruce it up with a trendy lampshade. If you’re an over-achiever, check out one of the many DIY tutorials available on Pinterest and create a one-of-a-kind item.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Bring some freshness to your space by placing vases full of flowers (real or fake, depending on what’s available) around your apartment. Scour thrift stores for unique, vintage vases to up the ante. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way; scatter small bouquets of a few stems each throughout different rooms to add color and subtle fragrance.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Fruit Bowls
Pull double duty with your fresh supermarket finds by displaying your fruits in decorative bowls. These functional focal points work well on the kitchen counter or dining table, but can also go on the coffee table to encourage healthy snacking during your Netflix marathons (we’re not judging).

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Furniture can make or break the feel of an apartment. Most of us don’t have the budget to outfit our spaces with brand new pieces, but consider investing in one or two items that make your heart sing. A classic, neutral couch is very versatile, and a brightly upholstered chair or patterned rug will earn you some serious style points. Once your investment pieces are secured, browse Craigslist, flea markets and affordable home stores to complete the look.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Mirror and Picture Frames
Blank walls are boring, so pick some artwork that you love to adorn your walls with. Take smaller pieces of art and group them together, changing the placement or frames occasionally to keep things interesting. Mirrors naturally brighten a space by bouncing light around the room, so mix some into your art display or let a special one stand all on its own. Both picture frames and mirrors are fairly abundant at flea markets and yard sales. Buy some you like just the way they are or pick up some fun paint to give them an updated look.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Large area rugs are a great central piece that can be used to base the rest of the rooms design upon. Whether you choose a neutral rug or one with a fun pattern, you can then incorporate coordinating furniture, throw pillows, and art into the room. Use smaller rugs in rooms such as the kitchen and entry to add interest with minimal cost.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Table Settings
Place settings are a great way to decorate with a purpose. Bright centerpieces, tablecloths, and napkins paired with colorful plates, bowls, and cutlery will do wonders to dress up your table. Leaving the table set makes entertaining a breeze and also helps discourage clutter from gathering on the surface!

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


Whether you loathe the color of your walls or just find them boring, try hanging an interesting tapestry or thin rug on the wall. Tapestries cover a lot of surface area, and are a one-stop no-fuss way to create an accent wall or headboard with minimal impact to the wall.

Easy Apartment Decorating Using Color


If you’re looking for some more inspiration for adding a color to your apartment, check out our “Splash of Color” Pinterest boards!  What is your go -to color for brightening up your life?

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