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Stunning Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom

Stunning Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom

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One key to finding the best real estate deals is to build relationships with others who are ‘in the know’. Jamie Grigg is one of those very such people, and we are lucky to count her as a friend. In order to expose you to as many awesome deals in DC rentals as possible, each week we will highlight an affordable apartment for rent available right now in DC courtesy of one of our favorite Washington real estate experts and her blog, Exposed Brick DC.  This week, A stunning Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom is for rent here in DC.

2 BD/1 BA: 999 sq ft
Cleveland Park/Cathedral Heights
No utilities mentioned

What makes it great: How stunning is this loft? Bright, open, and soaring ceilings make this place a must see. Located right off of Wisconsin Avenue, the complex is far from the metro but full of amenities and neighborhood charm. Amenities include a pool, clubhouse, BBQ, and tennis court. The unit has hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a washer and dryer. Pet friendly!

To see this listing and others like it, go to Exposed Brick DC.

Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom Cathedral Heights 2 Bedroom


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