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5 DC Tax Credit Apartment Buildings To Check Out Right Now

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5 DC Tax Credit Apartment Communities | Affordable Apartments In Washington, DC


Tax Credit housing provides affordable living options to income-restricted renters. DC Tax credit apartment housing can be found throughout the District, and we’ve rounded up some great options to choose from.  Not sure if you qualify for Tax Credit apartments?  Check out our guide here for more information.

Washington View Apartments

Washington View is a tax credit apartment building located in Southeast D.C. Units are available in anywhere between one bedroom and six bedrooms and range in size from 600 square feet to 1,900 square feet. There are several amenities at the Washington View. Residents can enjoy a community basketball court, pool, computer lab, and a fitness center. Additionally, both on-site maintenance and management are available. At Washington View, you can enjoy both beautiful Capitol views and renovated apartments, all while being in a convenient location. 

Archer Park Apartments

Located on Mississippi Avenue SE, Archer Park is a brand new DC tax credit apartment building offering both one and two bedroom apartments. While there are only one and two bedroom apartment options, the sizing of the apartments ranges from 530 square feet to 1,213 square feet. Each apartment comes equipped with Energy Star Stainless Steel Appliances, laminate flooring, as well as a washer and dryer. The apartment community features many amenities including a clubroom, fitness center, and a business center. Additionally, residents will have access to on-site management, maintenance, and a 24-hour concierge.  

Dahlia Apartments

The Dahlia Apartments are located in Northwest D.C.’s Takoma Park neighborhood. Studio, one, and two bedroom apartments are available, and range in size from 456 square feet for a ‘junior one bedroom’ to 785 square feet for two bedrooms. The apartments are spacious and feature energy efficient appliances and plenty of closet space. The Dahlia is in an extremely convenient location. The apartments are just five blocks away from the Takoma Park Metro Station and minutes away from Georgia Avenue, so commuting from here will never be an issue. The convenient location and 24-hour access to The Dahlia’s service team make for a great place to call home.

Fairway Park

D.C.’s H Street Corridor is an up and coming neighborhood to become a part of – there are several restaurants, entertainment, and transportation options throughout the area. While there aren’t many DC tax credit apartment options available on H Street, Fairway Park is located just a short distance from the center of it all. The apartments are located close enough to enjoy all of the D.C. action, without being in the center of it all. There are both one and two bedroom spacious floor plans available. Amenities include energy efficient stainless steel appliances, large closets, pendant lighting, and a washer and dryer. There is community space throughout the apartment as well. Fairway Park offers residents an affordable, convenient, and comfortable place to come home to.

The Summit at St. Martin’s

The Summit at St. Martin’s is a modern apartment building located in Northeast D.C. There are studios, one, two, and three bedroom apartments available, and the sizing ranges from 509 square feet to 1,250 square feet. The apartments are pet-friendly and feature large closet space, gourmet kitchens, wall-to-wall carpeting, and window coverings. The community has several amenities for its residents as well – a clubroom, fitness center, Internet café, courtyards, sundeck, and more. The apartments and community are great, the location is convenient, and pets are welcome – The Summit has everything you could want, and more.

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