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7 Tips for Anyone Moving to Washington, D.C.

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7 Tips for Anyone Moving to Washington DC

The city of Washington is one with many personalities. It’s an exciting city full of history and culture that attracts all types of people all over the world. Washington is a federal operational town, a picturesque tourist destination, and international metropolis, and a custodian of the country’s history and artifacts.

As the Capital of the United States, Washington, DC, appeals to politicians and government staff. However, DC is a famous tourist city, and many people call it home. Washington is a lively city to live in with numerous choices for careers, recreation, and lifestyle. 

Moving can be a stressful event, especially moving to a large city such as DC, with its vibrant personality and neighborhoods. Follow these seven tips for anyone moving to DC.

Prepare for Cost of Living

The cost of living in Washington, DC, is high. As one of the more expensive cities in the US, you can expect to pay a heftier price tag for housing and food. The cost of living does level itself out a bit with the higher median household income. 

Distinguish Neighborhoods

In DC, you will find numerous neighborhoods, and each community has a different culture and price to rent. Each community has something that makes them unique, from Victorian-style homes, and quiet suburban appeal. 

It is More Than a Government City

Even though DC is the Capital of the country, and the federal government resides in the city, there are lots of private-sector opportunities for anyone who is not interested in working in the government sector. 

Abundance of History

The city is full of history from every corner, and neighborhood.  A large number of museums in DC offer tours for free, free talks, receptions, film screening, and regular exhibitions. DC is a wealth of history, and not just about presidents and senators, enjoy the history of the role the city played during the civil rights, labor movements, and the women’s suffrage movement. 

Similar Dress Attire

Citizens in Capitol Hill dress very similarly and professional. It’s essential to recognize that professional dress attire is different in Washington, DC.  Many upscale restaurants and bars have strict dress codes they enforce. To fit in in the DC corporate world, you need to make sure you are following their unspoken dress code. 

It’s Busy

Washington, DC, is a bustling city, and getting around is slow. There are a lot of people that live and commute to the city for work. Both foot and car traffic are always massive. A drive into work could take up to an hour or more to get to your destination if you aren’t living right downtown close to work or school. You will need to make sure to leave enough time to reach your destinations each morning and be prepared to not get home till later. 

Opportunities for Staycation

A great thing about moving to DC is that there are several opportunities for excellent weekend getaways nearby. Virginia Beah is a four-hour drive away where you can enjoy relaxation away from the hustle of the bigger city, or stay and be a tourist in the and enjoy the nature, and hiking trails in the Shenandoah National Park, or canoeing in the Harper’s Ferry. 


Washington, DC, is home to all sorts of residents who have seen the city go through many changes throughout the years. Before moving to the town, be sure you know your budget. You want to be prepared for your move, so you need to make sure you have the budget for movers, storage, and buying any necessities while you transition. Be sure to enjoy the city as it has a lot of great things to offer the people who live in from culture, lifestyle, dining, work, history, nightlife, and education. 

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7 Tips for Anyone Moving to Washington, DC
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7 Tips for Anyone Moving to Washington, DC
DC is an exciting city full of history and culture, but moving to a new city can be stressful. Follow these seven tips to make moving to DC less stressful.
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