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6 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool for the Summer

6 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool for the Summer

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6 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool For The Summer

The warm summer weather is great for spending time outdoors, whether you’re soaking up the sun by the poolside during the day or enjoying al fresco dinners in the evenings with friends. However, when the temperatures get too steamy, it’s great to be able to retreat to a cool apartment.

It can be tough to cool down apartments when the sun is beating down and daytime temperatures are well above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Taking the proper steps will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside even as the thermometer rises.

6 Tips To Cool Down Apartments In Summer

Maintaining a nicely chilled indoor temperature requires more than simply switching on the air conditioning. Follow these tips to cool down your apartment efficiently.

1. Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is indispensable come summer. However, is yours still performing optimally? If you’re relying on a faulty A/C unit, it may be time to upgrade. A packaged terminal air conditioner, otherwise known as a PTAC unit, is a great way to enhance cooling.

PTAC units are ductless and easy to install. They are convenient and flexible, as you can place them in the rooms you use more frequently. Plus, they allow for controlled cooling and let you focus on the rooms you need to cool the most.

Another benefit of PTAC units is that they are significantly less expensive than a central A/C unit. Central air requires the installation of ductwork within the walls of your home. If you don’t already have ducts, this means major remodeling and construction.

If you lack funds and a PTAC unit seems out of reach, don’t stress. You can find a refurbished unit online at a lower price. These are still serviceable and will keep your apartment cool. Browse online for high-quality units from reputable manufacturers.

2. Make Use Of Window Treatments

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are powerful and can quickly heat any room. You lose about 30% of your home’s energy efficiency because of the windows. Window treatments like shutters, blinds, and curtains can keep the sunshine from penetrating the interior of your home.

Keep your window treatments closed during the day to block the sun. This is especially important for windows that face south or west, since they get more sun in the afternoon when UV rays are strongest.

If you’re willing to invest a little extra, install blackout curtains. These specifically block sunlight and provide valuable insulation, keeping cool air in and hot air out. For a little extra cash, they can help cool down apartments significantly. 

Or, if you want to keep the light but still block out the warmth, explore window inserts, otherwise known as interior storm windows, which add another pane of glass—maintaining the look while sealing off outside air from penetrating leaky windows.

3. Close Doors In Unused Rooms

You probably don’t use every single room in your house every day. Closing rooms you don’t use will help keep the temperature from your A/C controlled and limited to the spaces you want to stay cool. This can help prevent straining your A/C unit and even potentially save on utility costs. 

However, make sure to only keep doors closed during the day. At night, when the air is colder, you’ll want to take advantage of this change. Reopen doors and let the cool night air waft throughout the entire house.

4. Harness The Nighttime Air

In addition to opening the doors of your rooms at night, you might want to consider leaving a window open to let the cool nighttime air in. Keeping windows open will allow you to wake up to a pleasantly chilled house come morning.

For maximum impact, create a wind tunnel. You can do this by setting up fans by the windows to absorb the outside air into your home. However, this trick only works if you get up early enough the following day to close your windows before the daytime heat hits!

Of course, make sure to take appropriate security precautions. You don’t want to leave first-floor windows open, for example. This can make it too easy for unwanted intruders (human or animal) to enter your home.

5. Use Fans To Boost Your Air Conditioner

Fans can help circulate air throughout the room and distribute cooled air more evenly. If you have ceiling fans, leave them running throughout the day.

Make sure your ceiling fans are turned in the right direction for maximum effect. The fans should rotate counter-clockwise. You can set this via the small switch at the base of the fan. Note that you can program the fan to turn clockwise in winter, so that it pushes down warm air (which tends to rise), keeping you toasty. This is helpful for chilly days, but absolutely not during summertime!

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, consider investing in a standing fan that oscillates to cover more area. You can upgrade your fan’s cooling power with this simple trick: fill a bowl with ice and position it in front of the fan so that the air passes over the ice, creating a chilled, misty effect. On a hot day, you’ll surely want to spend your time sitting in front of this icy breeze.

6. Turn The Lights Off

Indoor lighting can create heat and add to the steamy feeling inside of your home. Whenever possible, switch lights off during the summer. This is especially critical if you use incandescent lights.

Incandescent bulbs are notoriously wasteful, utilizing about 90% of their energy on heat transmission. Instead, switch to compact fluorescent lamps, (CFLs). As a big bonus, these can also save on power and help you enjoy lower energy bills.

The Final Word 

It takes some effort to cool down apartments in summer. However, it will be all worth it once you’re lounging in your nicely chilled space with an iced drink in hand. No matter how hot it gets outside, you will have a temperate oasis to retreat to inside.

The above steps are actionable, easy, and cost-efficient. Prepare to implement them this summer to ensure your comfort throughout the entire season.

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