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5 Things To Do on Moving Day

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Moving into a new apartment is both exciting and stressful. Any move has an element of chaos, but it’s also a fresh start. Once you’ve signed your lease and hold the keys in your hand, you’re ready to begin living in your new home. However, your work has just begun. Before hanging your decor and moving in your larger items, there are some things you need to do to ensure your space is move-in ready.


Toss or Donate Anything Left Behind


Though everything owned by the tenant before you should be removed, that’s not always the case. If there are things like towels, furniture, or bedding left behind, be sure to get rid of them. Though some items may be okay, it’s best to be cautious. Things like scabies can be transmitted between people via infected items like these. Bed bugs are another risk that can be transmitted through the home. You can make the decision to donate or toss whatever item is left, but play it safe and don’t keep anything that was left behind.


Scrub and Clean


It’s a good idea to take photos of your place when you’ve moved in. Take some right when you move in. This can be helpful if you have any issues getting your deposit when you move out. Even if it seems as though the place has been cleaned well, you might want to do a sweep of the space and clean anything you find to be dirty. Consider using natural cleaning products so that you don’t leave yourself in a toxic cleaning cloud all day on your first day in your new apartment. Make a plan so that your fresh start in your apartment is a clean one. Be sure to pay special attention to:


  • The ceiling and walls: Work from top to bottom
  • Closets, drawers, and shelves: These are often overlooked
  • Knobs and handles: Disinfect these items that are touched a lot
  • Window sills: Are often left with buildup
  • The bathroom: Has a lot of bacteria


Create a Sleeping Space


Just because you’re not going to move everything in on the first night to get your cleaning done doesn’t mean you can’t set up a sleeping space until then. For a short time, you can put your mattress on your floor with your bedding until you’re ready to bring in your bed frame. With the right bedding, you’ll be cozy and warm in your new space despite the short-term nature of this setup. Do the same for the other members of the house including kids and pets. Be sure your heat or A/C is functioning, your locks and security are working, and your other utilities are set up before staying the night. Creating a homey feeling on the first night without most of your belongings may be difficult, but it might be a fun adventure, too.


Unpack Your Essentials


You won’t want to bring all of your belongings until your place is safe and clean, but you’ll still need some essentials. When packing, designate a box full of essentials, so you don’t have to go searching for things or live without necessities during the first few nights. Make sure each person or animal has their own essentials box as well. Other than your bedding and clothing, your essentials box may include:


  • Toiletries: Not just toothpaste and deodorant, but also shampoo, toilet paper, and a brush.
  • Snacks: This will help to keep you nourished while you work and have no other food items in the house.
  • Phone charger: To keep your phone charged so you can get calls and listen to music while you clean.
  • Towel/shower curtain: So you don’t drown your bathroom.
  • Cup/plate/utensils: So that you can eat and drink a little easier.


Order In Your First Meal


After spending your first day cleaning, moving, and making sure your home is about to be move-in ready, you won’t want to cook. You probably won’t have any items to cook with, anyway. Order in your first meal from your favorite delivery place. Eat in your new apartment on the floor, congratulating yourself on a new start after some hard work. You deserve it. You might even watch a show on your phone while you eat, surrounded by the bare walls of your new home.


 After getting a new apartment, it’s important to take the extra time to make sure your home is clean, safe, and ready for you and anyone else in your household. Get rid of any items the previous tenants left behind, get serious about cleaning, create a sleeping space, bring an essentials box, and get your first meal — or meals — delivered. A new apartment is a new beginning, so make sure you get a fresh start with a home that’s clean and ready for you and your family.



Victoria Greene

Victoria Greene

Writer & Ecommerce Entrepreneur

When I’m not running my own successful online businesses I’m at home doodling in my notepad or playing with my new puppy. I live for everything digital and love sharing my knowledge with other entrepreneurs.


5 Things to Do On Moving Day
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5 Things to Do On Moving Day
Moving day is inevitably overwhelming. It's hard to know what to do first. Here are 5 things should do your first night in your new place.
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