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5 Apartment Design Trends We’re Excited For in 2019

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It’s an exciting time when a new year rolls around. After the champagne and celebrations finish, the months that follow give us the opportunity to let go of the past and embrace what’s to come.

When you’re deciding what to leave behind, consider swapping out those outdated decor trends for something a little more ahead of the curve.

For decor lovers who can’t wait to start their 2019 decorating, there are plenty of up-and-coming trends to incorporate.

Two thousand eighteen was a year of beautiful wallpaper, woven textures, natural elements, colorful trim, velvet furnishings, and an influx of plants. What will 2019 have in store for home decorators and interior designers?

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular trends that are likely to show up in 2019. You may recognize some home trends, whereas others may not be as familiar.

Whether you’d like to redecorate your apartment or add some beautiful accents, keep reading to find out which home decor trends to embrace in 2019.


Boho is Back

Boho is back, but it didn’t go anywhere! In 2019 you can expect to see more of this laid-back, whimsical, and earthy style.

Imagine incorporating a few boho pieces here and there in your apartment. Boho decor elements can set your home apart from the rest. Since it was already a part of the decorating world in the past, it’ll be easier to implement in interiors in the new year.

Here are some inspiring pieces you can incorporate in your apartment:

Boho is a fun and whimsical trend because you can get creative with the decorative elements. This trend has been showing up in apartments everywhere for years.

The question is how long it will last? Do you think it will fizzle out early 2019 or continue on for years to come?

Sustainable Furniture is Here to Stay

Lately, there is a significant emphasis on sustainability, so why not invest in sustainable and eco-friendly furniture as well?

Plenty of well-known home decor companies are selling sustainable, eco-friendly furniture.

A few companies that have sustainable home decor products available for purchase are West Elem, Joybird, and Crate & Barrel.

If you’re looking for home products made without harsh chemicals, sustainable home products are an excellent choice. Products made from reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed wood for a table, makes these pieces even more appealing.

Sustainable furniture ranges in price, so it’s possible for anyone to embrace this home decorating trend.

Expect to see homes and apartments full of eco-friendly products throughout 2019 and possibly beyond! This decorative theme is perfect if you want to do your part in reducing waste and integrate earthy textures into your home.

Say ‘Hello’ to Terrazzo

The ’80s called and they’re bringing terrazzo tile back! This eclectic tile style is making a comeback in the form of coffee tables, side tables, and other home elements.

There are several ways you can incorporate this style into your home decor, and with any trend, there are always helpful examples you can pull up on the Internet.

Terrazzo is a unique trend that stands out due to its various colors and different-sized pieces. You can use terrazzo as a subtle complement to space by integrating smaller pieces and neutral colors.

Plus, implementing smaller pieces is more affordable and may fit into an apartment space better.

Examples include:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Tiles
  • Curtains
  • Candles

If you choose to use this bold style throughout your apartment, there are many ways to decorate your apartment. Whether it’s going for a subtle or bold look – terrazzo will make a statement throughout your apartment!


The More Colorful, the Better

Colorful palettes have been making a come back over the last couple of years, but you can expect to see this decorative style to show up even more in 2019.

In the past, especially in 2018, many people have opted for decorating with beige and neutral colors. Lately, however, colorful rugs, couches, accents, wallpaper, and more are stealing the show.

Also, in regards to color, we’re not just talking about typical colors such as shades of reds, green, and blue.

Lately, you may have seen bold pops of colors start to show up in the home decor scene like hot pink, bright blue, and lime green! Adding bright elements to your apartment can light up and transform the space.

It’s understandable if bold and flashy colors aren’t what you’d like to see in your apartment, but brightening up space sometimes feels nice, especially if you’re tired of neutral colors.

Like all trends, you’re in charge of how much you’d like to incorporate the new decorative styles in your apartment.


However, brightening up an interior or two can transform a smaller dwelling place and make it feel like home.



Play With Patterns

Similar to adding bright and bold colors to your interior, you can also expect to see a lot of pattern mixing in 2019. No designs are off limits, and you can mix anything from houndstooth and ikat to animal and geometric prints.

However, be aware that if you don’t take the time to put together the designs, it can turn into a total disaster. On the other hand, if you combine the right patterns, it can look incredible.

If you’re not sure what patterns to put together, try layering in small sections in your apartment before committing to decorating larger areas. For example, start with a few pillows or pictures on the wall. If you like how that looks then, you can try implementing a larger piece such as a rug.

What makes this trend ideal is you can easily rearrange decor elements and experiment. Try different arrangements until you find a set up that works for you and looks good in your apartment.

As you can see, bold designs are coming, and soon interiors will be full of fun patterns, bright colors, and rich textures in 2019. We’ll also see eclectic interiors that consist of decorative pieces from different eras.

With various home decor trends on the horizon, it’s exciting to play with many trends and figure out what will work best for your space.

A lot of the time a trend comes and goes, so select what you’d like to incorporate in your apartment wisely. It’s easy to get carried away, so don’t invest in decorations that you may not like six months — or even a year — from now.

Take every design trend that comes out with a grain of salt. Forget about embracing the trends; it’s time to make the trends your own! Decorate your apartment to your heart’s content, and you’ll feel right at home.

All of your popular design work is bound to pay off!


Keyla Cubellotti

Keyla Cubellotti

Director of Property Management

Kayla Cubellotti is the Director of Property Management at Chestnut Portland a quiet community of one, two and three-bedroom townhomes in Scarborough, Maine. Kayla has a BA from Iowa State University in Finance and Supply Chain Management.

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