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2019 Food Trends to Try Today + Recipes

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From kimchi to cricket flour, 2019 promises to serve up flavors that will challenge your taste buds and your cooking skills.  Check out these 2019 food trends and start practicing your recipes now to make this year the most delicious ever.

Kombucha, Kimchi & Kefir

Kombucha really found its groove in 2018 and expect it to pop up in even more mainstream dining in 2019. Expect to see kombucha cocktails at your favorite watering hole. The make at home kits and how-tos are taking Pinterest by storm. We think Kimchi’s comeback is three-fold. First, it is a delicious way to add depth to any dish. Second, gut health is on the rise and kimchi offers all the right healthy bacteria to keep your gut in check.  Finally, the homesteading trend is taking hold with new generations and kimchi is a pickling and canning dream.

Pomegranate Molasses

We are all getting sweet on sour flavor pops and pomegranate molasses gives our taste buds everything we’ve been craving. You can make your own or take a shortcut and buy some here. Try glazing it on your fish or caramelizing your carrots with it…either way, it’s perfect for brightening up your winter dinners.

Alternative Protein Sources

Who’s ready to eat bugs??? …I’m hearing crickets.     According to,  a 200 calorie serving of cricket flour contains about 31 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, 1.8 grams omega-3, 7 grams fiber. Compare that with the 11 grams of fat and 22 grams of protein in beef plus and add in that it is keto-friendly and you can start to see the appeal.  A one-pound bag of cricket flour is available on for $38 on Amazon. Cricket flour recipes are already all over Pinterest…why not take one for a spin?

Tea Infused Cocktails

Coffee has had a really good run, but 2019 looks like the year of tea.  Many Americans are shunning their coffee habit in the search of better sleep.  While some teas have even more caffeine than their coffee counterpart, I think we can all agree that caffeine free tea tastes way better than a cup of decaf coffee.  Now introduce alcohol into that mix and it just became a tea party!

New Greens

We’re all pretty much over kale.  It’s time to meet kale’s sassier, tangier sister, sorrel.  Not quite that easy to find in the local stores yet {Whole Foods is probably your best bet}, you can grow your own! Or just keep an eye out in the stores its tangy flavor is worth the hunt!

Tahini Everything

Tahini is ground sesame paste. It’s a middle eastern diet staple and is now earning some much-deserved recognition here.  Use tahini to bring new flavors into your baked goods or give your avocado toast a whole new dimension by spreading a tablespoon of tahini on it.

Whether you’re planning on trying all the trends or just one, be sure to check out our curated Amazon idea list.

Happy Eating!

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