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The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore From The Team At 222 Saratoga Apartments

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Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore From The Team At 222 Saratoga Apartments

Baltimore, Maryland is an area thriving with culture, history, fine dining, and plenty of entertainment. Downtown Baltimore is at the heart of the city and one of the best areas to live. Wander through Downtown Baltimore and you will find offices, restaurants, shopping, museums, sports and more. The neighborhood has some of our favorite coffee shops in town. Whether you need a quick cup on the go or would like to lounge and enjoy with friends, Downtown Baltimore has every sort of coffee shop you could ask for.  To provide you with the best options around, we consulted with the local experts, the team at 222 Saratoga apartments, to give us the inside scoop.  Property Manager Christina says these are the must-try coffee shops around town.


Peace & A Cup of Joe

Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Baltimore | Peace and a Cup of Joe

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Peace & A Cup of Joe, “your home away from home café”, is a quaint coffee shop in downtown Baltimore located at 713 W. Pratt Street. Peace & A Cup of Joe strives to create an environment where locals and tourists both can share their love of coffee in an inviting and comfortable café. Whether you have a business meeting, meeting friends, or need some alone time – Peace & A Cup of Joe will meet your needs. There are two seating areas and an open kitchen, giving the shop an open feel. The coffee shop lives by the motto “when you’re not at home, you’re at home with Peace & A Cup of Joe”.

Ceremony Coffee

Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore | Ceremony Coffee Roasters

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Ceremony Coffee is a coffee shop serving finely roasted coffee and delicious food to the residents of Baltimore. Known for their coffee and grilled cheeses, people flock to this coffee shop. With 16 different types of coffee, Ceremony Coffee Gear, and a mouth-watering food menu, this coffee shop is a must-go-to. Aside from their menu, they also host community events such as “The Big Picture: Seed To Service – Baltimore”, a class studying coffee in depth in order to give customers the greatest knowledge and experience.


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3 Bean

Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltmore | 3 Bean Coffee

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3 Bean Coffee, a Downtown Baltimore coffee shop that’s main focus is the local community. The theme is love, excellence, and creativity. By maintaining all three, they serve their community and employees the very best that they can. The environment is light fun, and homey – 3 Bean loves their customers and wants them all to feel at home while enjoying some of the best coffee in Downtown Baltimore. Check out some art, listen to music, socialize, or spend some alone time at 3 Bean,you won’t be disappointed.


Koba Café

Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Baltimore | Koba Cafe

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Located at 644 E. Fort Avenue in Downtown Baltimore, Koba Café is a local favorite. With stellar service and even better coffee, there is no wonder Koba Café has so many regulars raving about the place. This quaint coffee shop serves both breakfast and lunch – bagels, wraps, and sandwiches are a few items that you will find on the menu. Whenever you are in the Downtown Baltimore neighborhood, Koba Café is a place worth checking out!



Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore | Nubohemia

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Nubohemia is a unique coffee shop in Downtown Baltimore that has been open since 2013 and has been a local favorite ever since. Open daily from 8am-8pm, Nubohemia serves both coffee and food, and locals flock here to meet friends, get some work done, and relax. The owner is friendly, the coffee is amazing, and the atmosphere is extremely relaxing. This is a great place to hang all day, or grab your coffee and run. The list of good things to say about Nubohemia is endless – this is definitely one of our favorite spots!


Thanks for the great suggestions 222 Saratoga team!  Time to go get caffeinated!

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The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore From The Team At 222 Saratoga Apartments
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The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Baltimore From The Team At 222 Saratoga Apartments
Looking to get your caffeine fix? The team at 222 Saratoga apartments gives us their expert picks for the best coffee shops in Downtown Baltimore.
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