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5 Things All Organized Apartments Have

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5 Things All Organized Apartments Have

Storage That Gets Your Shoes Off Of The Floor

One key to maintaining a clutter-free look in your apartment is making sure that all surfaces remain as clear as possible, and that includes your floors.  No matter what your closet situation, find a shoe storage solution that works for your space and get those puppies off of the floor.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but keeping your floors clear will cut your vacuuming time in half!

Somewhere To Hang Your Coat, Keys, Hats & Scarves

Like most things on this list, this all about the “a place for everything, and everything in its place” rule.  Without a proper station for your keys, coats, hats and more, it becomes way too easy to misplace these items throughout your apartment.  Be done once and for all with coats hanging on the backs of chairs and keys ending up in the freezer by making a habit of hanging these items on hooks right next to your front door.

A Small Trinket Dish To Keep By The Bed

The usefulness of a small trinket bowl or tray goes far beyond just bedside usage (think: in your entryway, next to the couch, in the bathroom…).  Pick up a few decorative varieties that tickle your decor fancy, then use them to catch everything from earrings to chapstick to headphones…the possibilities are endless.  You can use them one of two ways: to consolidate items that always remain in that particular space or to corral items until you’re ready to return them to their proper place.

Under-Bed Storage Bins

Staying organized and keeping your space clutter-free is all about taking full advantage of every possible nook and cranny you can squeeze storage out of.  Under your bed is a perfect example of this.  Invest in some bed risers to further maximize space, then use storage bins to hold anything from seasonal clothing to childhood keepsakes.

A Chore Calendar (Yes, Seriously)

I know, I know.  But seriously, I am here to tell you that the absolute key to keeping a neat and organized space is to decide how often certain tasks need to be accomplished, then schedule it all into a monthly calendar or weekly to-do list and stick to it.  On my chore list, I keep track of everything from everyday tasks like vacuuming every 2 days to changing the litter box every 4 days and organizing one drawer once a week, to bigger items like washing the pillows once a month and self-cleaning the oven every 3 months.  This way, you’ll always know how recently each household item has been addressed and you’ll be able to keep that pile-up of tasks from suddenly becoming overwhelming.

If you do best with a visual cue like a calendar you can hang in your kitchen or a written list, then pick from one of the items above.  However, if you’re a fan of tracking everything digitally (like I am), then I urge you to download the Wunderlist app.  I use this amazing app for all of my to-do lists (home, work, specific clients, personal, even my shopping lists and meal plans).  You can create recurring tasks, one time tasks and can even share a to-do list or item with other people like your roommate, child or significant other.  This app has seriously changed my life and is absolutely free so download it right now!


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5 Things All Organized Apartments Have
Trying to achieve that minimalistic, organized look in your apartment? Here are the 5 things you can start using right now to get on the right track.
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