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The Lust List: Envy-Inducing Loft-Style Apartments Available Across The U.S.

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Lust List: Envy-Inducing Apartments Available Across The U.S.

Loft-style apartments are lust-worthy for many reasons. First off, they typically are large and very open, creating a spacious and comfortable environment for yourhome. With large and spacious comes plenty of room to decorate your apartment to your liking. Another reason we love loft-style is for the architecture. Because these apartments are typically industrial buildings turned into residencies, they tend to have high ceilings, large windows, and a trendy industrial look to them. These are just a few of the reasons we love them, but the list goes on!


222 Saratoga Apartments: Baltimore, MD


222 Saratoga Apartments | Loft Style Apartments in Baltimore, MD | Living Room Model Apartment

222 Saratoga Apartments | Loft Style Apartments in Baltimore, MD

222 Saratoga Apartments in Baltimore, MD | Rental Deal Of The Week


222 Saratoga, located in Baltimore Maryland, is one of our favorite loft-style apartments for many different reasons. A historic warehouse turned newly renovated apartment complex gives renters a cultural yet luxurious feel. The loft-style apartments are available in either one bedroom and one bath or two bedroom and two bath floor plans equipped with stainless steel appliances, balconies overlooking the city of Baltimore, and hardwood floors. Not only are the apartments beautiful, the community itself comes with perks anyone and everyone will love. 222 Saratoga has a state of the art fitness center, a residential parking garage, and an outdoor terrace where residents enjoy socializing with one another. Additionally, the community is 100% pet friendly. Gorgeous loft-style apartments immersed in the heart of Baltimore, what’s not to love?

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Watch Factory Lofts: Waltham, MA

Watch Factory Lofts | Apartments in Waltham, Boston MA | Living Room

Watch Factory Lofts | Apartments in Waltham, Boston MA | Bedroom

Watch Factory Lofts | Apartments in Waltham, Boston MA | Living and Dining Area


Next up on our list of favorite lofts is located just outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Watch Factory Lofts building is a restored historic watch factory located on the Charles River offering 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. While these apartments can come either furnished or non-furnished, all come fully equipped with high-end finishes. Large open spaces and windows, granite countertops and stylish cabinetry, and textured carpet tile flooring are just a few of the things we love about The Watch Factory. While The Watch Factory is an easy commute into Boston, Waltham itself has a lot to offer. Moody Street, also known as Waltham’s restaurant row, is nearby and full of must-try restaurants. There are also several trails and parks for the fitness and outdoor lovers to explore.

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East Central Lofts: Charleston, SC

East Central Loft Style Apartments in Charleston, SC | Living Room

East Central Loft Style Apartments in Charleston, SC | Kitchen

East Central Loft Style Apartments in Charleston, SC | Bedroom


Next up on our list: the East Central Loft Apartments, located in the Holy City of Charleston, South Carolina. Offering studio, one, and two bedroom loft style apartments, the East Central Lofts are spacious, comfortable, and convenient all while maintaining a modern and industrial feel with brick walls and steel accents. Each apartment has fourteen floor ceilings with hardwood flooring, floor to ceiling windows, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. These pet friendly apartments will make you feel like home, and when your home is Downtown Charleston, consider yourself lucky! East Central Lofts are in walking and biking distance to the heart of Downtown. Countless award winning restaurants, bars, shopping, and history are at the palm of your hands when living in this community.

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American Cigar Lofts: Richmond, VA

American Cigar Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments in Richmond, VA

American Cigar Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments in Richmond, VA

American Cigar Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments in Richmond, VA | Living Room


The American Cigar Lofts at Tobacco Row is an old tobacco factories turned apartment building in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. The American Cigar Loft was once a tobacco factory back when it was a prominent industry in Richmond. There are one, two, and three bedroom options available with 14 to 18 foot ceilings, exposed brick walls, oversized windows, walk in closets, and wide-open kitchens. The community is located right on Richmond’s river walk and has three fitness centers, outdoor patios, and both community and conference rooms.Additionally, there is on-site parking, on-site dry cleaning deliver, and two community pools. The American Cigar Lofts are no more than a few minute walk downtown, so residents have plenty of restaurant and entertainment options.

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1352 Lofts: Philadelphia, PA

1352 Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments In Philadelphia, PA | Living Room Details

1352 Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments In Philadelphia, PA | Living Room With Floating Staircase

1352 Lofts | Converted Loft-Style Apartments In Philadelphia, PA | Living Room With Floor To Ceiling Windows


20 Foot ceilings, concrete, steel, and glass fixtures, and wide-open apartments: 1352 Lofts, located in the Arts District of Philadelphia, is a prime example of why we loveloft style apartments. This pet friendly complex has several different floor plans available, all of which are pet friendly, have hardwood floors, and come fully equipped with luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Adding to the charm is the location. Located on the Avenue of the Arts, the 1352 Loft neighborhood is overflowing with culture, entertainment, and dining options. Restaurant Row, Academy of the Arts, Symphony House and several other notable places are within walking distance of 1352, allowing residents to feel as they are part of a diverse, entertaining, and well rounded neighborhood.


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The Lust List: Envy-Inducing Loft-Style Apartments Available Across The U.S.
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The Lust List: Envy-Inducing Loft-Style Apartments Available Across The U.S.
Who doesn't love that industrial-chic look? We know we do! Get the look for yourself with these gorgeous converted loft-style apartments across the U.S.
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