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13 things about the apartminty team




So this guy pretty much knows  all of the things and delivers on our big ideas.



This girl is the brilliance behind most of of what you read on the blog!



Everyone runs for cover when she starts a sentence with “I was thinking…”

We share a desk (and a brain, most of the time)

Brilliant ideas come (and go) in the bat of an eyelash around here. If we don’t speak them out loud, we risk losing them with the flurry of a new idea. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, we went ahead and moved in together. Plus, happy hour makes more sense when you aren’t drinking alone.

We’re totally creatures of habit

While we won’t go so far as to call ourselves predictable, we like to maintain a little structure. You can find Holli on her third cup of cold brew coffee by about 9am and Maddie is happiest when she gets to be in her pajamas with a glass of rosé in hand by 8pm.

Pinterest is our Search Engine

Whether we’re prepping for happy hour, DIY-ing a dresser or sharing our best moving tips, Pinterest is our visual Encyclopedia and we refer to it daily.

We’re just like you

Just because we’re fully versed in the multifamily world doesn’t mean we don’t feel your pain. We’re renters too. We’ve scoured the Craigslist ads, called around trying to set up a showing, and argued with our roommates about who gets the bigger closet. That’s a big part of why we created Apartminty.

Our CTO thinks we’re nuts

…but secretly, he’s totally one of us.

Our earliest adopters are truly our best advertising source

Our first 3 customers have sent us a combined total of over 200 customers! We love being able to help in any way we can and word of mouth has become a way of life.

We love to nerd out

We take webinars like vitamins and have secret Pinterest boards full of ideas for the future.

Holli’s to do list provides daily entertainment

Seriously, it will probably end up as an art installation someday. They are bonkers and often require a round of 20 Questions to figure them out. We’re thinking about starting a tumblr account for them.

We’re a work in progress

We’re still learning and growing and will always appreciate your feedback. This truly is about making a better experience for you guys, so don’t be shy about giving us a shout.

Data is our favorite marketing tool

A lot of things are left up to interpretation these days, but facts and numbers are hard to deny.

It’s easy being green

The color green is slowly creeping into everything we own. It’s infiltrating our wardrobes, our apartments and our office: Amazon just delivered our new minty-green fridge last week!

We’re t-shirt junkies!

Seriously…they’re taking over our office. Want one of our super soft vintage tees? Give us a shout and we’ll send one your way!

Apartminty Supports THEARC DC


Officially opened in October 2005, The Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) is a home away from home for the many underserved children and adults of Southeast Washington DC, enabling them to participate in dance classes, music instruction, gardening, fine arts, academics, continuing education, mentoring, tutoring, recreation, medical and dental care, and other services at a substantially reduced cost or no cost at all.  Apartminty is proud to support THEARC in their mission to revitalize the area known as East of the (Anacostia) River.

You can take pride in knowing that a percentage of all Apartminty earnings go toward supporting these vital community services.  

Ready to find your next apartment?

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About The Author


Not one to settle for status quo, Holli has spent her 20 year career shaking up the multifamily industry. From creating unheard of building amenities to designing lounge-like leasing centers, to major Pinterest fails in the kitchen, she is ever experimenting. It’s no surprise that she created a new way to match apartment renters with their perfect home. Holli is a featured speaker and session facilitator at regional and national industry conferences. When she’s not brainstorming the next marketing campaign, you can find Holli testing the limits of bottomless brunch or climbing the Peloton Leaderboard!

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